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D is for...

Drama – my life is a giant burrito of drama and I am the cheese (a nice sharp blend of four different varieties). My spawnlings call me Drama Mama. I used to think they inherited all of their dramatic leanings from me but the more I sit back on the peripheral, the more I notice how much Mr. Clean contributed to the outcome. Yes, folks… believe it or not, my laid-back-hardly-ever-has-a-thing-to-say Mr. Clean is a Drama Daddy in disguise. The spawnlings never had a chance.

Dream – I had a recurring dream as a child, involving one of those old-timey clocks with the outlandishly loud metal bells on either side; the kind that tick-tick-tick. It scared the bejeezus out of me. I have never been able to own one of those clocks. Also, my dreams play out like Technicolor movies and I usually remember even the tiniest details the next morning. I used to keep a daily dream journal but have not kept up with it since starting this blog.

Doodlebug – my youngest spawnling, who turned eight this past February. He’s a handful… an enjoyable handful, but a handful all the same. It’s nearly 1 a.m. and, just now, I heard the patter of his bare feet in the hallway. Booger. *** I have no clue what he was doing up. He claimed there are sticker burrs in his bed. There are not. He has a baseball game at 8 o’clock. Tomorrow is looking to be tinged by a few shades of hell. *** He is sleep-walking. I just caught him crouched in the hallway, mumbling about how he needs to look for all the lost eggs as he cannot cook scrambled eggs until they are all found. Someone! Stole! His! Eggs! He was just a few inches away from the kitty litter box. I shudder to think where he might have looked for the eggs had I not herded him back to bed. Blech.

Dread – I am dreading tomorrow now. And I know it sounds awful but I’m also hoping the forecasted rain hits early enough to cancel the baseball game. Getting up at 7 a.m. on a Saturday morning is simply Not. Fun.

Dell – I would probably heave myself to the floor in dramatic paroxysms of toddleresque tantrum if anything ever happened to my Dell laptop. *** I used to do this as a child (the heaving dramatic floor paroxysms). My mother tells the story that she tried and tried to walk away and ignore me but it never worked. I’d just follow her and then throw myself down again. So, one day she hauled me up and swatted me on the butt (child abuse! Child abuse!). Apparently, so shocked and awed by the child abuse! I never did it again. Well, until I was a teenager and discovered the unleashed beauty revealed within a slammed door. What's that have to do with Dell? Not a thing, but I do love my laptop.

Define – I cannot define myself. I have tried before; I even did an “I Am” essay once as a writing prompt but the results weren’t up to snuff. It seems I’m a walking contradiction (that would have been a good C word). Definitions elude me; I have different shades of a thousand opposites all in one body. Go me! I don't mean that to sound egotistical. I think it's just that I'm still getting know who I am and, until then, no trite definitions are applicable.

Dark – I tend to work in the dark better than in the light. I have a little cave thing going on. The office I’ve designed in our new house combines elements of Morocco and Marrakech, Indian sari silks, dark woods, and a gorgeous Venetian plaster in shades of tangerine, honey yellow, and cream (it looks like a sunrise). Certainly Not at all cave-like. I’m hoping my muse will enjoy the new digs.

Depressed – While I have my mental moments, I have only been truly depressed once in my life. Aged 16. And yes, it was most definitely a little more than simple teen angst. I don’t think I know, personally, anyone considered clinically depressed. I guess I’m lucky.

Dart – I’m a whiz at playing darts but, sometimes, when I get in an overly competitive frame of mind, I imagine throwing them at my opponent’s butt instead of the board. I’m afraid one of these days I’ll get too wrapped up in the imagery and actually do it. Secretly, I think it’d be hilarious to watch, in an out-of-body sort of way.

Drink – I should drink more water. Right now, I down iced tea like a camel gearing up for a trek across the Sahara. It’s summer for dog’s sake! I like to play with the flavor of my tea. Currently, I’m mixing two family sized Luzianne bags of black tea with four individual sized servings of Madagascar Vanilla Red Rooibos tea. Vanilla iced tea. Yum!

Deer - I eat Bambi. Well, not BAMBI.... but Bambi's Dad. And I like it. Don't hate me until you've tried a little backstrap with a mushroom sauce. Where we live, the deer come right up into the yard. It normally appears to be in purposeful defiance of our dogs. Any given evening, I can look out the back door and see at least half a dozen deer less than 100 yards away. One particular little doe has made friends with Val, the horse. They talk to each other in the the mornings. She seems to be a bit of an outcast from the main herd.

Doctor – I’m not a big fan of doctors. I see one yearly, only because I have to (what we women have to go through). Other than that, I have to be convinced I’m dying before I’ll agree to go see one. And, even then, it’s an argument.

Deluge – still hoping it’ll rain before morning. A nice solid deluge of water. We need it anyhow. (edit - okay, it seems I inspired the rain gods. The deluge has lasted for days now since I first wrote this and *looking around* that's okay by me. Sorry the folks in Houston are flooding but we're enjoying the hell out the rain out here)

Dierks Bentley – has one of the sexiest voices I’ve heard in country in a long time. His song, Settle for a Slowdown, is on my current WIP soundtrack. I listen to it over and over and over… and then I melt into a big puddle of pink-hearted goo on the floor (and listen to it again).

Deaf – I’m surprised I’m not deaf by now. As a teen, I turned my music up until the window panes rattled. I went to multiple concerts – always seated in the center floor area, right up in all the action. I still listen to my music loud. Funny factoid – my ear holes are too small for the ear buds that come with an iPod. The only ones I can find to fit my ears cost almost $100. Where’s The Fruitbat?! I am not paying $100 for ear buds.

Dharma – if you don’t get it right, Karma comes to visit you.

Dressage – I initially bought my horse to ride dressage. Now, after buying two bridles and two dressage saddles (she outgrew the first one of each – anyone need a saddle/bridle?)… I’ve been seriously considering throwing a western saddle on her. My old dressage trainer would probably crap her pants; especially considering the time/effort she put into my girl (and me). But really? She’s shown a natural leaning towards being a great little reining horse. *laughing* This is what I get for wanting a Dutch Warmblood crossed with an Arabian.

Darby O’Gill & the Little People – one of my favorite movies of all time. I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland and catch me a feisty little leprechaun just like the one in the movie. Plus, young Sean Connery… and singing? Too much fun to watch.

Direction – Hello, I’m dragonfly and I am Directionally Challenged. I live in the country because I cannot find my way around the city. Seriously, do not give me directions stating, “Go South on 45 and then East on 105” because, umm, which way is that again?? Now should you tell me: “Drive on down the road a bit until you cross the railroad tracks and swerve to avoid the big pothole. Then, look for the one story house with the big oak tree in the front that looks like someone beat it with an ugly stick; turn right. Go down a ways more until you see the pasture full of Longhorns; the one with the giant red & white bull, not the one with the scrawny ones. Take a left on the little road after the Longhorns (the 2 lane road means you’ve gone too far). We’re the house near the end with the red truck in the drive.” I can find my way to that house any day of the week. It’s all in the details.

Dragonfly – I’ve always been fascinated by them and they’ve always had a penchant to land on me for some reason. About 5 years ago, I got a tattoo on my ankle - a dragonfly and a thistle that I drew up. It took me 10 years to work up the nerve to get the tattoo. One, I had to perfect the drawing because, Hello! I’m going to be stuck with it Forever. Two, it took me that long to suck it up and quit being a wuss about the needle part. I dropped the f-bomb over and over during the entire process. The tattoo artist thought it was hilarious. I would have bonked him on the head had I not been worried about him screwing up the ink. According to one site on Shamanism, the dragonfly is a totem animal. It’s meaning: Skillful in avoidance. Refinement. Tenacious. Relentless. Another site mentions: dragonflies urge you to look beyond illusions and see the truth that is right in front of you. Both descriptions fit me.

Dragons – I love any movie that has dragons in it, even the cheesy ones. I can’t wait for Eragon to come out.

Drill – I So do not understand the corporate jargon of “drilling down” into things. What am I? A construction worker? What I hate worse is that I find myself writing it at least twice a day because it’s been “drilled” into me now for so many years.

Dadgumit – (Dad-Gum-It) My Mom says this. I don’t get it. I just have to laugh. I don’t think I’ve ever heard my Mom cuss. Ever. How her first two girls earned mouths like sailors? Beyond me. It drives her Insane, though.

Daddy – I’m a Daddy’s girl to the core of my being. When I was little, I used to go sailing with my Dad every weekend. I always felt like the most important person because no one else went, just Me. When I was thirteen, I did the inconceivable – my Dad tried to hold my hand while we were walking through the mall (as he always did) and I would not let him. The one thing that stands out in my mind about that moment is not the new-found sense of independence I must have felt, but the heartbroken look in his eyes. I’m now 34 years old and when we go shopping, I hold my Dad’s hand as often as possible. It’s really funny but the more time I spend with him, the more I get to know myself. I am his carbon copy, down to the smallest idiosyncrasies. The “Ohhhh, so that’s where I get it” moments are like getting Christmas presents throughout the year. I love you, Daddy!
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  1. Deb R Says:

    If you're ever in Kentucky and want to stop by for a visit, I have no worry about you finding my house because the way you describe is exactly how I give directions. It drives my husband freakin' nuts!