I wanted to follow up yesterday's post with some more of my summer reads but then Mr. Clean said, "Hey, what about writing? Are you going to finish that book or what?" So true. So true.

In lieu of continuing a list of books I want to read, I thought I'd let you have a peek at what the spawnlings are delving into this summer and some of their favorites. Like Mr. Clean and I, both boys have a love for books - causing me to send many a thank-you upwards. Funny enough, Shaggy takes after his Dad in his reading tastes, loving History, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, and Action! Doodlebug, on the other hand, loves anything involving magic and laughter. So here are the spawnlings' lists:

Doodlebug's Reads:
Clemency Pogue: Fairy Killer by JT Petty
This is a book Doodlebug and I read together, as we do most books (he reads a page, I read a page, etc.). If you love Peter Pan, you understand the special importance of believing in faeries. In this book, 10 year-old Clemency Pogue is attacked by a nasty faerie. Recalling Peter Pan, she declares that she does NOT believe in faeries - seven times; inadvertently killing not only the nasty faerie but six others. With the help of a particularly sarcastic Hobgoblin, Clemency sets out to right her wrongs in this hilarious romp through faerieland. The wordplay is sometimes a little difficult for young ones and the humor sometimes a little too clever, so I'd suggest reading it as a team. We thoroughly enjoyed this one, though, and are looking forward to reading the next one - The Hobgoblin Proxy.

Jennifer Murdley's Toad - by Bruce Coville
This is one of a series of Magic Shop books by Bruce Coville, and one of Doodlebug's favorite series. These books are HILARIOUS. I enjoy reading them just as much as he does. Jennifer Murdley has a poor self-image and is picked on by classmates. In a bid to ease her loneliness, she purchases a pet toad from a magic shop. Little does she know, the toad talks (and boy does he). Not only that but strange things seem to happen around him and suddenly everyone is spending time as a toad! When a witch kidnaps Jennifer's baby brother, she and her friends must work as a team to find him and maybe she'll learn a little something about beauty in the process.

We have the entire Magic Shop series and are slowly working through each one. These are definitely favorites around here!

Also a BIG favorite by Bruce Coville is the newer Moongobble and Me series. I highly recommend!

Charlie Bone series - by Jenny Nimmo
While rated for Grades 4-6, these books came recommended by my schoolteacher Mom, so are set aside for Mom/Doodlebug reading material rather than books he reads alone. We haven't yet started these but Doodle wanted them listed here because he's so excited to get into them! Harry Potter fans ought to enjoy them.

Children of the Lamp series - by P.B. Kerr
The first of the three (so far) books is The Akhenaten Adventure. I'll admit, I first became aware of these because P.B. Kerr is Scottish. I was looking for another Scottish writer, and found him in the process. And thank goodness I found him! Again, these are books for older children or tandem reading (Mom/spawn) for the younger ones. We adore these! The books follow the adventures of John and Phillipa Gaunt - two twelve year-old not quite identical twins from Manhattan who just happen to find out that they are from a long line of Djinn... and, indeed, are Djinn themselves! Wishes gone wild, family pet Rottweilers who perhaps are not quite the dogs they thought, travels to other lands, and action! action! action! keep the pages turning long after dinner has burnt and bedtime has passed.

Magic Treehouse series - by Mary Pope Osborne
These are books that Doodlebug reads by himself. They are a staple for every car trip, whether just down the road to the Mall or on a long distance drives to other states. He swears by them and thinks every kid should have them all.

Junie B. Jones series - by Barbara Park
Doodlebug says these books are "cool and awesome and really, really funny!" These are another set of books he reads alone. The writing is first person, in Junie B. Jones' voice - so grammar and syntax... thrown out the window. They are hilarious romps through Junie's life, from her viewpoint - which I suspect is the same as any child her age. The JBJ books also go on every drive we take, no matter than the length, and laughing out loud should be expected. From a mother's point of view - Dog help Junie' s Mom because this girl is a handful!

Shaggy's Reads:
Fire Bringer & The Sight - by David Clement Davies
When Mr. Clean and I went to Scotland, we wanted to bring home a book for Shaggy, something decidedly Scottish. Little did we know, we were starting an addiction to this writer! Both books are gems - told from an animal's point of view, a stag in Fire Bringer and a wolf in Sight. Fire Bringer is based in Scotland and Sight is based in Transylvannia. Shaggy raves about these. A Lot. We'd like him to Shhhh sometimes, we hear about them so much.

Anything by Clive Cussler - Action! Action! and more Action! Shaggy describes them as: "like James Bond mixed with Indiana Jones." He devours these like there is no tomorrow and then talks about them for days and weeks. His claims he can't pick a favorite - "They're all awesome."

The Lord of the Rings series - by J.R. Tolkein
These are considered a staple read by Shaggy - everyone should read them.

Anything by Michael Crichton - Jurassic Park,The Lost World, Timeline, etc.

Eragon & Eldest - by Christopher Paolini

Watership Down - by Richard Adams

Redwall series - by Brian Jacques

As you can tell, the teenager became bored with offering me descriptions of the books he reads. While I've read most of the remaining list (and can heartily recommend them!), I have not touched the Redwall series. My Mom (the schoolteacher), however, states they are wonderful. And with that.... I'm outta here for a bit. I still have a Friday's Feast to do but lotsa lotsa day job first!

Happy Reading Y'all!
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