On average, approximately how many times per day do you yawn?
Normally, I’d say I yawn at least 4 or 5 times every morning and then maybe once or twice in the afternoon and a couple more times before bedtime. How many times did I yawn while doing this Feast? Every stinking time I read the question! (and just now, once more while thinking about it)

What was your most memorable school field trip?
Funny, I don’t recall any school field trips, memorable or otherwise. But, I was heavily into horse shows during my Jr. High / High School years and can recall a Judging Team trip in 9th or 10th grade. Digression: Judging Team is where you learn how to judge horses / horse shows. It’s a team competition, like perhaps Debate team or Math Club… meaning it’s a LOT of hard-ass work. Okay, digression over.

What stands out about this trip: I had the most ENORMOUS pink-hearted drooling crush on one of the guys who was showing that weekend. I was 16 and he was MUCH older… just turning 21 (coincidentally, during this show). We were in Baton Rouge, LA so the only chaperone was our Judging Team leader, also my horse trainer at the time. Raving B*tch might describe her well (although her tactics did bring out some mighty fine riding from me, I’ll admit). I, being the Most-Rebellious-Teenager-Of-All-Times, decided to ahhhh... convince Mr. Hottie Horseman that he wanted me. Meaning – I dressed up to show off my boobies and pranced around until he couldn’t help but notice me… And then proceeded to sneak out of the hotel room to party it up with him (and the other partying barn folks) for his birthday.

While I’m sure it was fun, the only thing I recall now is how I got TOTALLY busted, reamed out beyond belief, and then had to deal with a champagne hangover during the next day’s competition. But, hey, we did take 1st place! I think that’s the only reason she never tattled on me to my parents.

Ummm, Daddy, if you’re reading this…. I love you! *grin* (and I didn’t do anything truly naughty with him! Not that I didn’t Want to, mind, but it ended up that he had a greater sense of propriety than I did at the time)

Fill in the blank: I was extremely ­­­­­_______ this week.
Oh Dog… Tired. Pull-My-Hair-Out-Busy. Hair-Triggered-Temperamentally-Challenged. Tired. Snarky-Beyond-Reasonable-Levels. Impatient. Demanding-Of-Attention. Did I say Tired? I think PMS has struck.

Main Course
Which color do you think of when you hear the word “soothing”?
The word “soothing” brings to mind a very specific picture rather than a singular color – a myriad of blues, overlaid with differing hues of charcoal, slate, and mist gray; white brushed with tinges of silver, blue, yellow, pink, and tangerine. Cold air, slow rain, and snow caps in the distance…

What is something that, if you had to, you could save up the money to buy within one month?
This question is so open-ended. If I had to, I’m sure I could save up the money to buy quite a few things. I guess I could give an example -- We decided sometime in the last week or so that we’d be going to Kentucky for a quick summer trip with the spawnlings. We’ll save up enough to go before we leave (somewhere around the 15th of July).
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5 Responses
  1. Great feasting here. Your salad says that you are in very big need of your dessert and soon!

    My feast is up!

  2. ribbiticus Says:

    great salad! hope the dessert materializes...my feast is up! ;)

  3. Margaret Says:

    A beautiful main course photo there! I want a hammock and to go there, now! LOL! Great feast. -Margie

  4. dragonfly Says:

    Oh I do too... right now. That was taken on the Isle of Skye at 5 a.m. in the morning.

  5. Deb R Says:

    That's a gorgeous photo!

    Sounds like your trip to Kentucky will be fast, but if you have time and want to meet up for lunch or coffee or something one day, let me know. I'll email you my phone # just in case.