I had some time and thought I'd post the next installment of my WordPlay catch-up.

Barefoot - I'm a barefoot girl. When it's time to get shoes on and go somewhere, I whine for a bit and then wear flip-flops or sandals. On the drive home from office days, my shoes are off before my seatbelt goes on. Two years ago, my office outlawed open-toed shoes or anything backless. I cried. I am an abomination to womanhood. I dislike shoe-shopping. Unless it's for sandals. I have cute toes.

Blooper - Some years back, Robin Williams did a movie about making DVDs of people's memories for their families to have when the person died. For the life of me, I can't recall the name of the movie. Anywho... if something like that were possible and I did it, I'd insist that the only memories put on that disc would be all the bloopers in my life - all the "Oops!" moments, the silly things, and the clutzy moves. That way, I'd leave Lots of laughter behind. My clutzy moves alone would have you snorting your coffee.

Bent - Great song by Matchbox 20 and fitting. I'm a little bent but I'm told it makes me that much more interesting. Bent, but not broken. Story of my life.

Blarney - such a silly sounding word. I used to dream of going to Ireland and kissing the Blarney Stone. Then I saw pictures of people doing it. They were laying on their backs, leaning wayyyyy out over a Long. Way. Down. I don't do that sort of thing. Not even for money. Or coffee. Instead, I'll go to Ireland and take a picture of the Blarney Stone. Maybe I'll blow it a kiss.

Black Forest - I have the ultimate Black Forest Cake recipe. I'd be willing to share it with nice folks who leave comments. Let me know. The words 'Black Forest' always make me think of my Mema who was born and raised in Passau, Germany. Granted that area is Bavaria, rather than Black Forest... but there ya go. It's my brain that makes the connection and I've never professed to have all cylinders firing.

Bellydance - I'd love to learn how to bellydance -- if only to get rid of some extra belly. *grin*

Billiards - I'm a pool shark. Or used to be. It's been a while since I played. One of my first memories: me, aged three or four, running around the pool table, nekkid, in a pair of my Daddy's boots (I was an exhibitionist). They came up to my knees so it was more shuffling than running. I'd drag a little stool along with me. It looked like a turtle. Alllll around the pool table I dragged that stool, those boots coming up to the bottom of my nekkid heinie, so I could scramble up and make my shot with half a pool cue.

Belch - It should probably embarrass me to say this (but it won't): I have three sisters, no brothers. We can out-belch just about any man. It's sick. It's sad. We sometimes have contests. GypsyRose is the worst. She does it on the phone. In. My. Ear.

Believe - I believe. Sometimes in stuff no else believes in. Such a powerful word.

Brat - I can't even begin to explain just how bratty I was as a child. My middle name should have been 'Brat'. Sometimes, I get the impression I'm still a bit of a brat.

Baking - Best done at 2:00 a.m. with family, alcohol, and LOTS of laughter. There is nothing in this world like after midnight cupcakes, which never get iced because you had an icing fight while they baked.

Boobs - I have two. Sometimes I act like one.

Bracelet - One of my favorite pieces of jewelry is a charm bracelet I just started last Christmas. So far I have: a dragonfly, a castle (Scotland), a disc showing a moon and stars (because I love night), a key (the key to Mr. Clean's heart), four horseshoes (Rolex 2005, Kentucky Horse Park), an Eiffel Tower (Paris), and a pair of cards (Vegas). I'm hoping it'll fill up in the coming years. I love the sound it makes on my wrist.

Barn - Pure happy, happy smells exist in a barn. I grew up with horses. The smell of oats, hay, manure, and horse = bliss. I like to stick my face in their necks and inhale. But then I sneeze - as I am allergic to horses. So now, I stick my face in their necks and then run to wash it off with a wet rag. When I was a teenager, I used to make out with boys in the hay loft. My Dad will probably read this and then call me to say, "What?!" Sorry, Daddy... it's true. If it helps, I was always SO damn itchy later (from the HAY) - I only did it a few times. The boys I did make out with in the barn are not the ones I wished I'd taken out there. Hindsight stinks sometimes. *laughing*

Bed - I'm a Bed Snob. I'm snobbish about my bed. My tired little body will only rest upon a fluffy feather mattress, covered in sheets of (at least) 300 thread count (bonus if they are brushed sateen to make them feel 100 years old soft). I must be covered by a down comforter, enclosed in an equally soft duvet. My pillows must cradle my head like a cloud. I get so little sleep but when I do, it's like being cuddled in great warm clouds of yumminess. I haven't heard any complaints from Mr. Clean (except when I want to visit Linens N Things).

Boogeyman - Yes, folks... I still have boogeyman issues. The boogeyman, or some equally gruesome little troll-like creature, lives in my closet. I can't sleep a wink unless the closet door is closed. All the way. I can't sleep if ANY closet door in my house is open. I regularly sleep with at least one foot out and on top of the bed covers. If the closet door is open, the boogeyman could come grab me by the toes and drag me off to the Underworld.

Baby - Sweetest smell on this earth, after coffee and vanilla.

Bean - Of the coffee variety. 'Nuff said.

Burn - So many personal definitions available on this one. The burns of Scotland - icy cold water rushing, rushing down the mountain. Never still. Always on the go. And in its mad rush to go, go, go... it creates the most peaceful sound. The burn of desire - Need I say more? The burn scar on my leg - a white scar on the back/side of my calf, shaped like a comet. I got it when I was 15. I'd sneaked out of my house to go ride a motorcycle with a Very! Cute! Boy! We had a little wreck on the wooded trails at the back of my neighborhood and the tailpipe landed on my leg. It was 3am. He walked all the way back to his house (in the next neighborhood over) to get me burn ointment. Unfortunately, it was worse than any burn ointment could fix. Ugh. So was the boy worth the burn? Oh yes... but not until a couple of years later.

Back - The secret way to my heart? Tickle my back. I will Beg for a good, long back tickle. Blame it on my Mom. When I was little, she'd tickle our backs for hours while we watched movies.

Because – I said so.

Bark – If one more alien frog invades our yard, intent on taking over our bodies as we lay sleeping in our beds, causing our dogs to bark like absolute maniacs… I will Lose. My. Mind.

Brain – That weird place where various characters congregate and then argue over who gets to be next at the Podium of Plots.

Bee – Holy Mother Fruit Bat! Get away! Get away! <--- Me screaming like a wussy girl every time something with wings and a stinger – they’re all bees to me – comes remotely near my personal space. I’m a freak.

Beacon – Mr. Clean. He’s my shining beacon of light, steadfast and always there when I’ve sailed a little too far off course and am having a hard time finding my way back to land.

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