This is what happens when:

a) you trust that your eight year old has followed your directions - to clean his room and then go to bed.
b) said eight year old has a genetic link to his grandpa (a structual engineer) which far surpasses having the same features and cowlicks.

Yes. That is his sheet, tied to the bedroom door, closet door, and the end of his bed. And though it's hard to see, all 80 lbs of him is resting comfortably more than 6 inches off the floor. Interestingly enough, this is the first time in months we haven't heard him snore like a buzz saw.

I guess when we build our new house, we won't have to worry about buying him a new bed. We can just buy a hammock, nail it to the studs, and he'll sleep like a baby. At least it'll fit into the surf theme he wants.

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  1. Farm Girl Says:

    My goodness, that is so ingenius. I'm impressed, even though he didn't clean his room. Priceless.