I just saw the Blogging 4 Books results. I was runner-up again this month!

Writing has been a bit like pulling teeth, here lately, and this was just the boost I needed to forge on through.

An enormous thanks to E. Lockhart, author of Fly on the Wall : How One Girl Saw Everything for her wonderful comments regarding my entry:

"The runner-ups are Cynical Optimism, who just made me laugh and whose writing was so full of ACTION. I love that she shot him in the butt!"

Trust me. I love that I shot him in the butt, too. There are rewarding parenting moments and then there are REWARDING parenting moments. Heh. (I am kidding, although I'd be lying if I said I didn't derive a modicum of enjoyment out of the whole ordeal.)

All of the entries this month were great. You should really check them out.

Ok, then. Off for some 1am writing. No sleep for the inspired.
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2 Responses
  1. Dancinfairy Says:


    I hope that the writing is going well.

  2. Dancinfairy Says:

    Oh, and I think it is your birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!