On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest, how polite are you?

I’d have to say about an 8. I’m super polite but have to knock off a couple of points as, on occasion, I’ve been known to employ that southern knack for stinging politeness. The “Well bless your little heart (internal continuation: for being such a nitwit). I’m so sorry I didn’t realize before now and here I am getting all over you” kind, ending it with a big smile and saying, “No. No. It’s all good. I completely understand.” [snort]

I can be a very polite bitch, sometimes.

What was the last thing that made you laugh out loud?

OMG. Last night, the spawnlings were a laugh riot. They share a bathroom and Shaggy takes a late shower before bed. Doodlebug got up to use the toilet and hesitated outside the door, then came to use our bathroom. We caught him mid-living room and told him to use his own – and if Shaggy gave him grief, to tell him “to get over himself”. (this is a “thing” we are constantly dealing with – the sharing of the bathroom.. argh!) So.

He goes into the bathroom.

Shaggy: “Get out, you retard!”
(I hate that he uses this term and we’ve had multiple discussions about it. He was virtuously rewarded for it this time, though)
Doodlebug: “Mom told me to tell you to get over yourself and I can use the toilet in my own bathroom If. I. Want. It’s not like I’m LOOKING at you or something!”

He then proceeded to do his business, during which time I hit mute on the TV and turned to Mr. Clean.

Me (already giggling): Bet you five bucks he flushes.
Mr. Clean (rolling his eyes): We’ll never hear the end of it.
Shaggy: [unintelligible screaming]
Doodlebug: [giggle giggle]

And then, if that weren’t punishment enough, Doodlebug turned out the light on his way out, flashing us an enormous grin as he flew back down the hallway to his room. In response, Shaggy attempted to throw a bit of a temper tantrum (even at his age, he still employs the occasional stomping of feet/jumping up and down display). We know this for a fact, because the next sound we heard was a crashing of body parts and all manner of shower accoutrements. The tub, apparently not enjoying the stomping about, fought back with a slippery spot.

Mr. Clean (laughing uproariously): Oh God. Oh God, I can’t breathe.
Mr. Clean (pausing to catch his breath): This is almost as good as the time he came out here with his boxers on backwards (flashing us intermittent shots of butt crack and completely clueless as to why we were laughing so hard – we couldn’t catch our breathe enough to tell him, just pointed until he realized what was going on).
Me (laughing until tears ran down my face): I know. It’s too funny! (almost falling off the couch) Oops. I think I peed myself a little.

Those spawnlings. Why go out to a comedy club? We have our own right here in the house.

Who is your favorite cartoon character?

I absolutely ADORE the little squirrel in Ice Age (both 1 and 2). He cracks me up. That being said… I’ve seen the previews for the new movie, Over The Hedge, and think he’ll be getting a run for his money. Just thinking about the previews gives me the giggles.

Main Course
Tell about the funniest teacher you ever had.

I didn’t really have any “funny” teachers. However, I did have a biology teacher in 9th grade (also a football coach) who routinely Butchered my last name. Granted, my maiden name was Hungarian and quite easily attracted pronunciation, ahem, difficulties. Still, this teacher would get all red in the face while making attempts. He finally gave up about halfway through the school year and resigned to calling me Hell-yesi – much to everyone’s hilarity (my own included).

Complete this sentence: I strongly believe that ______________________.
I strongly believe that laughter keeps you young, fun, and living life in the Now.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    LMAO.. wish I could be there when doodlebug did that... too funny.. i love it!!