In a week’s time, I will turn yet another year older. How many years have passed? I’m blissfully unaware. I don’t really care. Not that much, anyhow. Let’s just say I’ve decided to stick with 29. My birthday’s on the 29th after all. Makes things easy. Of course, it now means I was 15 when I had my first spawn (aged 14). If you read my blog… you’ll know that’s a big hairy lie. You can do the math. Heh.

When I was a little girl, my mother’s sister, Auntie A, used to make the most splendiferous birthday cakes. At 6, I got a bunny rabbit with jellybean eyes and coconut fur. A couple of years later, it was Holly Hobby. Remember her? She was pre-Strawberry Shortcake. Then, as horses became a fixture in my life, the cakes followed. Horseshoes. Horse heads.

The birthday cakes sort of stopped after that one – age 15. I had three younger sisters, after all, and baking splendiferous cakes every three weeks from February to April had to be a pain in the hind parts for Auntie A. Plus, I was now into Boys. I imagine finding a G-rated birthday cake to represent that proved difficult.

It’s funny. I remember the cakes but not the presents. I’m sure by that age, I was simply getting money instead of Things. Now, though… I get Things.

At 18, I got an engagement ring.

At 23, my first gray hair. Thanks, Mom. Genetics are fun! (course, my mother still looks an Easy 15 years younger than she really is so I’m not going to complain about those genetics too much. Hair can be colored.)

For my 30th, Mr.Clean took me to Kentucky to see my first Rolex - a 3-day equestrian event.

At 32, Mr. Clean took me to Scotland. The best one yet. He had to drag me on the plane to go home. I was ready to send for our spawn and visit a realty office.

This year, I’ve simply asked for books. Lots and lots of pretty books with that new book smell I love to bury my nose in. Which books, you might ask? Here’s the list:

Once Upon Stilettos – Shanna Swendson
Frogs & French Kisses – Sarah Mlynowski
Whores on the Hill – Colleen Curran
The Birth of Venus – Sarah Dunant
In the Company of the Courtesan – Sarah Dunant
The God File – Frank Turner Hollon
California Demon – Julie Kenner
Requiem for the Devil – Jeri Smith-Ready
The Golem’s Eye – Jonathan Stroud
Rhymes with Witches – Lauren Myracle

So this year, I’ll spend my birthday eating good food (Dad takes us girls out to dinner for our birthdays every year) and inhaling new book scent over an after dinner coffee. Life couldn’t be better.

EDITED: to add links to all of these lovely books.
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