Second things first – I got 2nd place in this month’s Blogging 4 Books. Yippee! Thanks to Sarah Smiley for judging the contest (and her remarks regarding my blog entry) and, always, to Joshilyn Jackson for hosting this great monthly event. Congrats to all who posted something this month. It’s one thing to blog – a whole 'nother to purposefully say, “Here, judge my writing.”

Speaking of writing… I managed to get 1,800 words on the new draft of my book this weekend. It sounds piddly. Even my first response was a big fat raspberry. But, then, it occurred to my scatterbrain – I’m supposed to be tightening up the writing because my initial word count was Too High. In that respect, I accomplished quite a bit over the weekend – especially considering my spawnlings still have yet to master the notion of “Leaving Mom Alone to Write”.

One would think it a much simpler notion than, say, hauling dirty laundry to the utility room but, in fact, it takes great amounts of practice and willpower – more than they are prepared to exert. I’ve decided to create a weekly ASA (Annoying Spawnlings Anonymous) group. We’ll start practicing the art of leaving people alone, starting with Five Whole Minutes. Hopefully, by the end of the year, they can graduate to a few hours.

After writing for most of the afternoon, I enticed Mr. Clean to go on a quick shopping adventure by promising dinner afterwards. The idea was to go buy bath products, then dinner out and coffee. A nice evening out with the boys. Of course, on the way to the bath shop, the words, “Oh, look, a sports store!” were heard. I’m embarrassed to admit, they spewed forth from My mouth. Who in their right mind offers up a sports store with three boys in hearing distance? Me, apparently (but I’ve never claimed to have a “right” mind).

See. Doodlebug has recently taken up a great interest in baseball. I played softball for a few years in my pre-spawnling life so I was thrilled to go play catch with him. Unfortunately (in this instance), the child has an arm like Roger Clemens. Meaning – the first bare-handed catch busted a blood vessel at the base of my thumb and prompted many Bad Words to be said. Thus, I desperately needed a glove. Lucky for me, I have small hands as the only lefty gloves available were in Youth sizes. Also, they were the only ones priced under $50. Fifty bucks. For a Glove. And those were on sale!

One glove, two balls, bat tape, and a soccer ball later… Mr. Clean gave me a very dirty look while handing over the debit card. I told him, “At least we’re not going to the book store.” He then heaved a great sigh of relief and gave me the kind of hug normally reserved for words like, “No, really, you can watch the football game instead.” Good thing he doesn’t yet know about my recent Amazon.com visit. Heh.

I did save some money by convincing my sister, GypsyRose, to come help me color my hair last night – as my roots were peeking forth and screaming, “Grey! She has Grey here! Look! Look!” She brought her boyfriend with her. I have to say it --- Any man who will, after a hard day’s work (and before dinner, no less!), accompany his girlfriend to her sister’s house and then be happy to sit and chat while watching someone’s hair take on the appearance of a bleeding head injury deserves Serious Respect. I love this guy. He’s either That sweet or GypsyRose takes after her nickname in more ways than I’ve intended. [grin] Either way, he’s a Keeper.

Alrighty then. I’m off to finish a pot of Chicken & Dumplings. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll share my newest adventures – Spawnlings with AirSoft guns.
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