I know, right? ... I know...

And while it's a lousy excuse for my non-blogging habits, I have to blame them on physicists. If they could figure out the whole M theory, maybe they could figure out time... and then maybe, just maybe they could give me a few extra hours every day.

Of course, I'd probably use them for sleeping...

So where have I been the past month, you might ask? Or perhaps you've given up on me and therefore don't bother asking. Either way I'm going to tell ya. *grin*

I have been (in no particular order):

* To Austin - for a Laser (sailboat) race. Watching Laser racing from a boat in the water near the racers... FUN! Until you look back at the video your husband shot. It goes something like this:

Me: Ooooh, look, that's a great shot, you've got him really moving through the water.... wait... why are you shooting the boat seats?
Him: *exasperated sigh*
Me: Okay, here we go again. Oh! I remember this! This is when he was going around the buoy marker. That was a great turn. Here he goes.... WTF? Why are you shooting clouds?
Him: *groaning* It was the boat's fault.
Me: And we're back to the sailor. Yay! Oh, wait... nope! Seats again. And now sky again. And seats. Oooooh SAILOR!!! Nope, just kidding... WATER!
Him: Turn it off already.

It's sadly apparent that not only do we need to buy an ACTUAL video camera, but also? I need to do the shooting. (and then pray I do a better job because otherwise I'll be dining on crow for like the next YEAR)

And watching Laser racing from the rocky banks of a very low Lake Travis? Like watching GOLF on TV. So. Boring. The need to buy a boat of our own in order to guarantee we're out on the water is becoming more and more solid.

* Writing! - No. Not really. I have this *block* but it's not a writer's block. It's a dragonfly-has-gone-slightly-mental block. It's a do-I-really-want-to-scale-this-wall block. See, I have been getting regular visits from characters and they are SO COOL. I lurve them very, very much. But. BUT! Every time I sit back, pen ready, and ask, "So what's the story?" It's APOCALYPTIC. As in End. Of. The. World. As we know it. This is not anything new, unfortunately. I have been dreaming up apocalyptic plot ideas for years. --- I know, right? Ms. Optimism here has a MAJOR Doom & Gloom core, it seems. --- But seriously? End of the world? It's so.. sooo... depressing. And scary! And why is my brain wanting so badly to write about this stuff?! I'm trying to find a way to STOP fighting it, to let it flood in and run with the tide. And then also keep myself from going out and buying up a METRIC HORDE of survival supplies in response.

* Cancelling credit cards --- Oh yes, indeedy. We're finally going almost completely debt-free! But, umm, have you ever actually tried to CANCEL a credit card? I can only do like one a week. Those people!!! I got into an ARGUMENT this morning while trying to cancel one of my cards (it rhymes with Shitty). Really. They, of course, want to know WHY you are cancelling your cards. Ummm, because I SAID SO? Because you're a bail-out babe and I'm sorry... I just don't want a card from a company whose stocks are now mostly goverment owned? Or how about because I am Debt-Free and don't need any help getting back into debt? The guy ARGUED with me and I finally got angry and said, "Well, if you'd stopped arguing like, I don't know, TWENTY MINUTES ago... I might have changed my mind but Now? I want to cancel my card because I don't like YOU." He finally did what I asked. Twenty! Minutes! I'm so exhausted now.

* Dying of Consumption -- Truly. Mr. Clean came home with something Very Sinister but when I asked if he was sick, he said, "Nope... just a really bad headache." And then he got all romanticky with me. The next day, he was ILL. I sighed and bolted down as many vitamins as I could stand (glow-in-the-dark pee! Yay!). It didn't work. I got the nasty on a Thursday night. Tickle in my throat.
Friday = slight cough and general malaise. "I can beat this!" <--- I repeated as I tra-la-la'd throughout the day.
Saturday = I can't breathe. I can't move. I am dying.
Sunday = Rinse & Repeat.
Monday = My nose is either either getting much much smaller or much bigger. I can't tell.
Tuesday = Explosive! Sneezing! I Can't! Breathe! (seriously, like for four-five hours straight... with me TRYING to bawl in between sneezes because they just wouldn't stop!)
Wednesday = All I can smell is BLEACH. I have ruined my nose. And I can't move because the bed trolls came in the middle of the THREE hours I managed to sleep and kicked me repeatedly in my ribs. From the inside too.
Thursday = The cough is back but I can't cough. I can't talk either. It all hurts. Mr. Clean laughs at my attempts to cough "effectively". They don't work. I sound like a cat trying to start up a hair-ball and then giving up mid-attempt. Also? I'm no longer smelling bleach but I'm convinced I STINK. All I can smell is dirty-laundry-sweaty-stink. And I think it's me. I shower 3 times.
Friday = Coughing! Yay! Except now I'm also packing for Austin. And still showering a LOT because... yes, I still stink. I don't care that Mr. Clean insists all he smells is yummy vanilla. I smell like a SEWER.
Today (What is it... Thursday now? Two Weeks!?) = STILL COUGHING. But I can smell again! (and honestly? I'll take the smell-all-right over not coughing any day)

So that's where I've been. My main goal this week: Buy things. Pretty pretty nail polish. Flip-flops. Shampoo & Conditioner (because I am almost out and will now have to use express shipping to get it here in time). A new pair of capris (or two) that don't fall off while I walk. Possibly a couple of shirts. Don't say I'm not trying to help the economy!

Also? Start writing about the end of the world. *sigh* I just don't understand why I can't embrace these plot ideas. Obviously, this is where my brain wants to take me. Maybe it'll be a thrill-ride? Like a roller-coaster? Like a fun! fun! roller-coaster that you want to get on over and over and over again? <---- lying to myself. It's going to give me nightmares and make me start planning a bomb shelter. Dammit. Apparently, this is where I have to go though.... so I'll try to "blast off" <---- hahahaha, SO. Not. Funny.

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3 Responses
  1. katkin Says:

    Glad to hear from you again! I hope you keep feeling better. And there must be a "thing" going around that affects how you smell stuff because I've been hearing from people up here that have been sick and smelling the "dirty laundry". One woman kept insisting it was her husband's feet and made him go shower all the time!
    Great news about being debt free now! All the depressing news about the economy may be what's bringing on the apocalyptic book thoughts.

  2. dragonfly Says:

    That is SO weird about other people being sick and smelling dirty laundry. I still have moments of sniffing around but then they go away again. Strange!!

    Apocalypse Now --- I wish! I've been getting end-of-the-world plot ideas for the last 6 or 7 years but have always tried to steer away from them. *sigh* I need to just give in and accept that I'm going there.

    Thanks for the welcome back!

  3. Denise Says:

    Thank you for the update - I have been missing you blog.