This poor blog just doesn't get updated like it used to. Don't feel bad, little blog, there are a LOT of things not getting the attention they deserve just now. Things like:

** My nails, which are currently pretty-pretty painted in the CENTER but bare around the edges. Real edgy look, this. Not at all attractive.

** My house, which looks like a tornado blew through it... a FEW times.

** My closet. Oh dear lord, my closet is a disaster area.

** My roses, which desperately need cutting back for Spring, because they are growing willy-nilly all over the place, even though it is supposed to be WINTER and they are NOT supposed to be sprouting new leaves!

** My email inbox, which is full of notices from Facebook and MySpace... that I am consciously-subconsciously IGNORING for the moment. And then feeling badly for it.

** My friends! I feel like I'm wallowing in Cave Days, except I'm not. I'm just trying to keep my head above water here.

Work is taking over my life. GAH!

But not this Friday, oh no sirree. This Friday, I had to take half a day off because when I asked Doodlebug what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday, he said, "Black Forest, Mom. I really really really want a Black Forest cake."

And then my head exploded. Because the Black Forest cake? It takes HOURS to create. But that's the deal - the kiddos always get a home-baked cake tailored exactly to their specifications. So a Black Forest cake it is. And a half day off work, too. (which, really? I'm not going to complain about because I could kinda sorta definitely use the break)

After we have cake for dinner on Friday night, we're going to head out for some laser tag and arcade games, and maybe some bowling. And then Saturday morning, we're all getting up at the butt-crack of dawn so we can drive through downtown Houston in order to get to Clear Lake, where Shaggy has a sailing race.

That's right -- I'm going to spend Valentine's Day standing on the end of a pier with binoculars, going, "Is that one him? How about that one? Well, where the heck IS HE?"

It's all about the love, folks.

American Idol tonight, y'all. I might just post something about it --- if I can remember to note some thoughts down while I watch.

I DID see some of the Grammys, though!

** Whitney's gorgeous dress and her seemingly less-than-sober speech

** Robert Plant - It just amazes me that the man is still alive! Not that he's OLD or anything, but that he SURVIVED the sex & drugs era relatively intact. It would have been NICE had he allowed Allison Krause to, I don't know, TALK at the mic, though..

** The Jonas Brothers - who proved that they can make even an almost 11-year-old BOY Squee... right up until one of them forgot part of a line. IN FRONT of the songwriter!

Doodlebug: Did he just forget part of the song?
Me: Yes, I think he maybe did.
Doodlebug: When is Kenny Chesney coming on? I like Kenny Chesney. He knows all the words.

And that's about all I remember now, because at some point I turned the channel. To watch something else... a movie? Or maybe I fell asleep. Not sure now; it's all a blur.

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