Oh my God, y'all... I live DEEP in the heart of Texas and yesterday? IT SNOWED. Now I know some of you Yankees (*grin*) are like, "Yeah... what-EVAH... it snows here ALL the time." Well boo on you. I haven't seen a real, decent, stick to the ground for more than FIVE SECONDS snow in, Lordy, I don't know how long. Years!

And because I am silly and easily excitable, I ran outside to twirl in the little snowflakes and take pictures! And video!

Turns out... phone pictures SUCK. I now know why I wasn't at all concerned with having a picture phone all these years. Bah... what a waste. And the video? Too big to send to myself, apparently. Plus, it didn't even SHOW the snowflakes. Crap.

But BabySis!! Oh, lovely BabySis with her fancy-schmancy i-PHONE (booger) took some pics at work and then emailed them to me. Granted, they got a bit more of the powdery white stuff than we did, but not by much.

That's her car.

Course, now it's all gone and we'll be hitting 70 again in a couple of days. Welcome to Texas. But for a moment, it was sweet. Except for the part where my horse went apeshit -- Apparently? She doesn't like stuff falling from the sky on her. We had a re-enactment of a steeplechase race here yesterday, complete with me on the phone to Mr. Clean:

Me: "Oh My God... she's hauling BUTT around here. She's going to FALL! She's going to KILL herself!"
Him: "Lock her in the paddock, then."
Me: "Are you serious? You couldn't PAY me to go out there in the pasture right now. She'd Run. Me. OVER!"
Me: "Oh Lordy, here she comes. She's going to run into the fence. She's headed right for me. Spend the insurance money wisely, dear."

And then my phone died.

I would have LOVED to have seen his face at work at that moment. I didn't get phone service back for a few hours.

So... that was yesterday's drama. Today, I'm going to play a little hooky from work and watch a movie with C-Boy. If he ever gets here. Damn men... they're never on time. (Of course, while I'm whining about that... his tardiness DID give me a chance to blog. So.)

See ya soon!

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