A couple of amazing things: I am up EARLY on a Sunday morning (well, at least when I started this I was). And I am blogging.

Sorry for the big BIG silence. I found myself stressing out SO much I had to go cave dwelling. It was either that or blog about the big No-No's: Work & Politics. So. I'm back! And my email box is overflowing. I have half a mind to just hit the big Delete but then I'd feel guilty and what if I missed something really funny?

A lot of things went without attention in my absence, unfortunately, so I've spent most of this weekend catching up. Thankfully, I was smart enough to take Monday off work for a much needed break. Serendipitously, I later found out I already had Tuesday off. Lord but I love it when life works out like that (and a resounding Hallelujah for banking holidays!).

I don't really have much else to say right now. The meetings at work went basically as expected. While slightly lower key than previous years, they can still be described as structured bitch sessions filled with high school flashbacks. Fun! I did not make them cupcakes.

As a matter of fact... I haven't made cupcakes in FOREVER. I think I baked myself into burnout or something. I haven't even had the inclincation to pull out a cupcake tin in a while. Of course, Thanksgiving IS coming up and I am sort of craving the pumpkin cupcakes with egg nog cream filling and bourbon caramel cream cheese icing. Yummmmmmm. I bought four cans of pumpkin the other day at the store.

Basically, life around here has been VERY low-key and laid back. One of my best friends, CBoy, moved back next door so there's been a lot of back and forth between the houses. Friday night we all sat around a campfire in the woods, playing guitars and singing funny songs made up on the fly. There may have been some beer and a bottle of bourbon involved. That's just how we roll.

It's getting cooler here so I'm gone a lot more now. I tend to stay home-bound during the summer months. I loathe loathe loathe the heat. But when it gets cold? I'm GONE. Out. Doing. Seeing. Being. And that's where I'm off to now. Bath & Body Works has released the holiday scents. I JUST (as in Last Night) ran out of my favorite holiday scented body cream so I'm going to drive into town to stock up for next year. Yippee. Then, tonight, it's True Blood Sunday. Dinner and Vampires. Fun!

I'll be back soon and hopefully with more to talk about. Right now I'm living in shrugville. What's up with me? *shrug* Not very much. I'm taking it easy, enjoying the clear skies, fall air, and campfire songs at midnight.

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  1. katkin Says:

    Welcome back. I enjoy reading your blog. But everybody needs a break now and then.