1. I bought 3 lbs of chicken breasts last night and then found them still on the kitchen counter this morning... I'd never put them in the fridge or freezer. (In my defense, no one else bothered to notice them there, either. Not until I went looking for them today and could not find them in the fridge.)

2. I put on my bra inside-out yesterday... and Did. Not. Notice. Until I found I couldn't get the damn thing off before bed last night.

3. Deciding to paint my nails today, I finished one hand and then walked off to do something so they could dry before I did the other. I then painted the other hand a Different. Color.

4. I lost my favorite favorite slum shorts about two weeks ago. You know those make-you-feel-good-So!-Comfortable!-you-can't-wait-to-slip-into-them-after-a-rough-day shorts? Yeah. LOST THEM. I actually CALLED family members I'd stayed with over the last month to ask if perhaps I'd left them behind. To no avail. --- Yesterday, they were on the end of the bed. Everyone here claims it wasn't them who left them there or found them or ANYthing. APPARENTLY they just popped in out of the ether. So. The fairies are now taking shorts in ADDITION to my hair clips/scrunchies.

5. I broke down and CRIED today... because I knew I was forgetting something but couldn't remember what it was I'd forgotten. Again. This makes four times this weekend and not one of the forgotten rememberings have come back to me.

I'm either losing my mind OR... it's October. You know, that crazy month where I start planning a week-long session of meetings with every employee in our company to listen intently to all their biggest peeves. It's like a round robin of misery and whining and blah-blah-blah poor me, which I then get to turn into Action! Items! for next year. Wheeeeeeeeeee. We now have over 300 employees. I think... perhaps... I NEED DRUGS.

So ummm yeah, blogging is going to be sparse for a bit, y'all. I can't help it. My mind is trying to crawl out my ears and run away to live with Patience.

And -- OF COURSE -- the Plot Bunnies picked now... NOW... to have hopped on home. With ARDENT ENTHUSIASM, they are currently holed up in their Room O'Love, FEVERISHLY creating lots and lots of little Scene Babies. (Who are all starting to knock at my brain's back door, while puling, "Please let me in! I'm so cute and fun and you KNOW you want to play!") That's timing, folks!

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  1. Denise Bishop Says:

    Seriously, I am going to miss your blog. I would suggest that you use the people who bitch and moan at your work as future characters in your book. Same crap goes on in my office, management brought in breakfast / it wasn't good enough. I took some people out for lunch due to a special project, people complained that didn't get to go. Mean people suck! Take care.