... I got all crotchety momma-bear on that last one. I'm a little embarrassed. And I could probably use a bar of soap. And maybe a trip to Outbursts-R-Us, where they sell things like GAGS.

Seriously? I am Not normally like that. I usually employ a little better self-control. Oops.

Moving on.

The boy-child will be fine. He arrived back home this evening in high spirits, and sporting a bit of a sunburn on all the parts he couldn't reach with sunblock. No trophies but lots of experience and a calm demeanor. If there's one thing I learned over years of going out on the boat with my Daddy, it's that the wide-open ocean can provide a good loofah to your soul. His had that shiny-new look... a little pink but overall intact.

Tomorrow (later today) heralds yet another work week. Joy! Yay for me! Blah. I love my job, truly, I do... but lately? It's stress-stress-annoyance-stupid people-boredom-stress. My dearest friend, Patience, has gone off to her woodland retreat again, it seems. I hope she has a great vacation. In the meantime, I'm a little punchy. And busy. And not writing. Which, of course, means I'm swaying into crazy territory.

I had it all mapped out, how I was going to type in a few chapters I have hand-written and a new twist on my latest beginning. All. Mapped. Out. Then I sneezed. Next, came a cough, followed by headache, jelly bones, and all-around yuckiness. Thank you, Mr. Clean. I so enjoy your germs! I revel in your ability to consistently share them with me. I know you turn over in your sleep and bathe me in them, thinking I am unaware of your dastardly germ snore-fest. I will return the favor soon.

So, no writing. And as it turns out? No movie and dinner night with Wahoo, who -- for once in a long, LONG while -- had managed to find herself sans kids and husband. Thanks a BUNCH, Germ Fairies! What did I ever do to you??

I really DO need to get back to the writing (and off of this hideous sleeping schedule!). And I need a vacation. Can you tell? Really? Is it that obvious?

I'm already in the Cruise Countdown phase... though it's still SIX long, torturous weeks away.

Over the weekend, I talked to my middle sis - Pixie. She's trying to convince me to get a webcam and Skype so we can talk for free and she can see me in my jammies with Medusa morning hair. Oh, yay! I'll probably do it. Maybe I can give her a morning scare.

I also talked to her about a little sewing project. Pixie does OMG-wonderful things with a sewing machine and is starting her own little online shop for ballet bags, duffles, purses... stuff like that. I want her to make some writing binders for me. I have a lovely leather one I picked up for this latest book but I'm looking forward and I want more! Or maybe I just have a thing for writing journals, folders, binders. Oh hell, I have a thing for paper in general. And pens.

Getting back to the binder... I'm going to bring my current binder on the cruise and we're going to figure out how she can make a pattern from it. Happy times.

All that ramble to say that once she gets her website up and running properly, I'm going to splash a big honkin' advertisement for her on here. She deserves it. And really? She does some AWESOME good work.

Well, it's now past 4 in the AM... geez my schedule is Fubar'd these days. I'm tired. I'm off. Perhaps tomorrow I'll get a little word-work done after the work-work has been completed. One can HOPE... all this percolating makes my brain bubbly.

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