I'm really, really wiped out today but thought I'd pop in and post something quick since I have a few minutes before my nightly viewing of the dramatic off-off-off-way-off-Broadway play: Mom! Your Spawn Are Starving!

I don't know if anyone has noticed or not (and really, I don't expect you to!) but I managed to add a couple of thousand words to my word counter last weekend. I notice - every day - because I've added zero words since then. In fact, I've been working SO hard this past week, I have not even left my house for a breath of fresh air!!!

I walked outside for a few minutes this evening and froze my hind parts off while watching Shaggy bat a few balls. Disclaimer: "Froze" means the last time I went outside it was in the 70's and this evening, it's 50 degrees F... so it's a bit subjective, that word. Point is... Whew was it nice to go outside for a change!

Speaking of fresh air... Recently, I splurged and bought one of those Homedic Brethe machines. I wanted to freshen the house up before this year's Christmas Eve dinner I'm supposed to be hosting. (Oh Lord, grant me the patience to get through just the menu phase!)

Anyhow. It's really kind of cool and it does freshen the air. Plus! Added bonus! I don't know how, or why, or what magical little thingamabob is going on in this machine but my hair is suddenly glossy, glossy shiny and smooth! There's not a shred of french poodle about my head and I haven't had to use smoother or straightener or additional leave-in conditioner since I bought this thing!! Even my stylist was amazed when I went in last weekend for a trim. I think it might have something to do with it humidifying the house a bit (though, normally, humidity is like sticking a bobby pin in an electrical outlet for my hair). I don't know and I'm not asking. I am very thankful, though, and have found myself kissing this machine every morning. For that alone, it was totally worth the $60.

If you're tempted to run out and buy one now - one thing: The vanilla scent it comes with? Oh Lordy... Blech. It smells like puke sprinkles. And for those who might not know what puke sprinkles are? ::deep breath:: It's that stuff janitors sprinkle over spots on carpet where someone has been ill. They used to use them when I was in school. Either way... just sayin'... use the vanilla at your own risk. And what a shame; my favorite scent ruined with this thing. Oh well. Did I mention my hair is very pretty now??

Other stuff (quickly, because Mr. Clean just got home and is about to throw a flat iron steak on the grill... meaning I better get some sauteed mushrooms, mashed red potatoes, and veggies moving fast!): Ummm...


I forgot what I was going to type. ::sigh::

Okay, then. I'm going to sign off with that and when I remember, I'll post that other mysterious item. Y'all have a great night!
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2 Responses
  1. beeswax, Says:

    Sounds like a great machine, but does it work with the windows opened?
    Ok I will think of some new tags, promise...
    my sister calls me Dory!! just like you I forget what I was about to write, or say most of the time...so I am like a fish am I ?
    you'd better get those mushrooms and tomatoes on now....
    thanks for the comments, all great and appreciated, kath

  2. katkin Says:

    Eeeeewwww! I remember puke sprinkles! They did that to Vanilla?! I'll have to check out the machine. We've been talking about getting one here at the office. (Minus the puke sprinkles of course) The hair benefit recommends it if nothing else.
    PS. I did notice the word count, just didn't want to comment and scare it away. Heh.