Hi y'all! ::: waves :::

Oh? Why, yes I did forget I had a blog this month. Oops.

It's Day 25 of NaNoWriMo and though I'm not even CLOSE to hitting my mark, I am writing, damn it. That has to count for something. And speaking of counting.... check out my new word meter! It has actual WORDS counted on it. No clue what happened to the previous one; their webpage is kaput.

Don't take my paltry little 15k lightly. At least I'm not. I'm actually quite proud of myself at this point. I know I won't hit 50k before November 30th but considering I'm writing everything long-hand, and considering my hand chooses to up and quit right after 4 pages... I'm on fire!

Of course, Thanksgiving tryptophan overdoses and Black Friday did have quite a bit to do with taking a day or two (or three) off. Add to that the annual Texas A&M vs. University of Texas football game (We Won! We Won! Oh yeah! Two years in a row! Take that!).

I couldn't possibly have written during that game. For one, I had a mutant teenager displaying periodic psychotic seizure-like episodes. They tended to occur when UT made a touchdown. Go figure. Heh. That, alone, was too damn entertaining not to watch. Plus? These men in my house.... they play football games SO loud I can't even drown the noise with my iPod. Unless I want my ears to bleed.

Now, though, I'm about to plug my ears with some fabulous music and go back to work. I'm hoping to whip out at least 6 pages today.

And for those of you waiting on the front door story.... Soon. Very, very soon. December.
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2 Responses
  1. Deb R Says:

    You betcha writing counts for something! Yay!

  2. Fuchsia Girl Says:

    My by reckoning you've trebled what you had written earlier this month so that's not bad going and in long hand which is admirable to say the least - because it means you have to count the words manually too (does that count as extra?) I'm impressed. :-)