Lately, I've been thinking I've lost direction with this blog. I first started it in order to have a forum for my Blogging 4 Books posts. Unfortunately, B4B has gone on to greener pastures. I do so miss it, though. Now, when faced with an empty screen each day and no prompts, my poor little addled brain just shuts down. Heh.

Of course, I've managed to throw in a bit of baking and cooking here and there but, honestly? I'm kind of stingy with my recipes. Freakish, I know... but that's me.

And then, I thought hmm, I'm a mom and I blog and I write... but the Mommy Blogging thing is just not me. Writing? I don't want to blog what I'm writing about. It's a copyright thing... mainly on the ideas themselves. The details of writing = kinda boring. It's a lonely, crazy, frustrating thing to do to yourself, writing. I find it difficult to share some of the ups and downs without sounding like I'm either whining or on drugs. *grin* Not to mention, I think I've been blocking these stinking scenes FOR-EV-ER and I'm still not done. (it's been a time-constraint thing... I get a partial scene done and then the phone calls start and people start dropping by out of the blue... and I'm wholly incapable of telling them to Leave. Me. Alone... because it's sorta rude and I just wasn't brought up that way. ARGH!)

So, now I'm just floating along without any real direction to go in. And wooo-boy, am I lost.

I've thought about telling anecdotes about my past as I was a rebellious little snot who ran wild through the streets of our community (thankfully never fully naked). Of course, they involve other people... and I'm not sure how safe it'd be to blog about stuff like that while still remaining somewhat anonymous. Grrrr!

I've even thought of getting involved in some of the other blogging-type groups out there, where photography or artistic creativity is involved but - truth - I do Not have the time to apply there. My life is crazy-wild busy right now. Well not Right right now. Right now exactly this moment, it's quiet and I've managed an alone day in the house. Let me just tell you -- this is So Abnormal.

I guess what I'm saying is that I'm re-thinking how to go forward here so expect more quiet for the time-being. I really want to put something out there, something of substance, and not me sitting around picking at my belly lint. Right now, I just have lint.
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4 Responses
  1. Deb R Says:

    I miss B4B too. I wish Joss would start it back up again now that Jay has bailed again. Sigh...

  2. katkin Says:

    I understand the lost-ness. I've had someone suggest I blog, but quite frankly I think my life is a big pot load of boring and have nothing to blog about. Even if it were just me reading it. Have to say I enjoy reading yours though. I guess I'm psycho-freaky enough to enjoy living vicariously through someone else. Which I guess it what reading fiction is all about, right?


  3. Dancinfairy Says:

    But I love your lint.

  4. katkin Says:

    PS. Made the Lemon Poppyseed cupcakes! Turned out great! Thank you!