The first week of school is well under way and while I am thrilled to have a silent house.... I have YET to remove my carcass from the warm bubble of sleep-like-the-dead in time to see my boys off. It's a given that I am not prone to waking up early and certainly will never get up before 6am. It's always been like this for me. I'm simply Not a morning person. However, it was my plan to get up around 6:45am and see the wee spawnling off each day. Hasn't happened.

Truly, it's like a disease. It makes me angry and disappointed. I used to be able to get by on 6 hours of sleep.... apparently, no more. I've taken sleeping pills, I've gone to bed EONS earlier than usual, and this morning Mr. Clean blasted the stereo loud enough to shake my pillows (upon my instruction - just one more attempt at Something! Anything! which might work). I woke up just long enough to wave at him. He turned it off. I went back to sleep. And! He! Let! ME!

Sometimes I wish he had a little streak of mean in him. Just a tiny streak of it... just enough to Not let me get away with murder. He says, "If you need more sleep, you need more sleep and I don't mind seeing the boys off for school." But I mind.

He seems to think my sleep issues are just one of those little things about me... one of the things you accept about a person because you love them. He doesn't like spinach and I do. He likes to watch football; I'd rather read a book. He gets up at the butt crack of dawn; I sleep in a bit longer. Maybe I should just start accepting this of myself as well. I don't know... it still annoys the crap out of me.

Moving on.

In other news, while I was sort of kind of expecting my Doodlebug to start out this school year with some of last year's bad habits... he has surprised me with no sign of them whatsoever. I have a different child this year. He comes home, does his homework immediately, and is promising me that he is not talking like a motormouth when he should be listening to the teacher.

Shaggy, on the other hand, pulled an Exorcist yesterday. A full-on Exorcist with pre-requisite head-spinning and filth spewing. It was an all out adventure in that lovely little place no parent ever wants to visit - Teenage Horrorland. Why? You may ask. Oh, because he didn't feel like HE needed to bring a box of tissue and a box of dry erase markers like the rest of the kids at school. See, he's special and if HE doesn't feel like taking things like that to school... well, he just shouldn't have to.

I have a feeling this outburst was indicative of other issues at work in the background but I've yet to find out what those other issues might be. Since he'll be spending a LOT of time at home the next couple of weeks, I'm sure I'll have many chances to dig further. In the meantime, I'm trying to find my eyeballs... as I gouged them out during his dramatic display of teenageritis.

Understandably, there has not been much writing this week. I did manage - over the weekend - to re-block my first six scenes with the new ones and then fixed the resulting inconsistencies in all the rest... just up to the point I'd left off last time. So. I'm still in the middle of the third act. At the moment, it's a four act deal... mainly because it just seems to be broken down like that.

I have two or three more scenes in the third and then a goodly chunk (8 perhaps? 9?) in the fourth. When I'm not blocking scenes, I'm writing little notes and anecdotes about my two main characters... small things that randomly come to me while I'm working. Bits and pieces of the story seem to play like a looped movie in my head so I make notes... the better to see it all clearly when I start the "real" writing.

This one is taking much longer to write but I feel like I'm better prepared to finish this time around. My characters have more motives for the way they are and what they plan on doing. One more thing I'll do is write a small synopsis in each main character's POV before starting the full-on writing. For some reason, it's become extremely important to me to have a bit written in my male character's POV. I need to know what he sees in my MC before I thrown down the gauntlet and go for it.

Well that's it for today. Not much new or interesting. Just normal. I read the blogs and realize my creativity has been positively sapped from the entries lately. Not necessarily a bad thing since I know that it's all going exactly where it's most needed at the moment. If a little blog boredom is what it takes to finish this book, sorry guys... I'm taking it. *grin*
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