Ten points to anyone who can name the movie the title is from. *grin*

But seriously? I am. On drugs, that is. Currently residing in a Darvocet fog of loveliness in which my pillow is pretty. Also? I love my dentist. Except when he does things that then require the use of drugs. Booger.

So how was your 4th of July? Mine was chock full of mugginess. When it's not raining here, it's that before or after rain muggy. But really, it's not stopped raining for.... I can't remember the last time we had a dry day with no rain. As a rule, this means I am not having a good hair day. I'm not having a good hair MONTH, which is crap because I just got it cut not too long ago and when it's Not muggy, it's actually quite nice. Right now? It's like Medusa gone wild on my head and the best I can do to look decently presentable is a pony tail... which makes me feel 12.

Beyond my Medusa impressions, the 4th went by without any drama. My spawnlings have been spending the week away at their Nana's (So. Quiet!) and I missed them, so we met them - along with my sister, GypsyRose and her S.O. - in town and watched the fireworks together. Nice show. Nice evening (bar the nasty hot muggy air that made my hair look like a poodle in an ugly contest). Came home, read on an enormously large book for a bit and then collapsed into bed. Really. Boring.

I woke up this morning thinking it was Saturday and didn't realize I needed WORK until I called Mr. Clean to find out where he'd run off to on a Saturday morning. He quietly informed me it was Thursday before laughing so hard he dropped the phone.

And now? I'm watching it rain (again), drinking a coffee, and working hard to fight off the haze of painkillers so I can finish up my last hour at work. One of the nice things about working from home is taking a few minutes to collect myself (blog) before going back to the grind. Heh.

Really, I'm just checking in to say I have nothing to blog about because, this week, my life is especially boring. There's no funny. No interesting. No spawnlings. Just..... Mr. Clean and I all alone and, me too hopped up on drugs to have any fun. Go me!!

So, this week, y'all tell me something interesting going on with you! Okay? I'm ready to be entertained. Starting now. I'm waiting... and I'll check the comments often. :)
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2 Responses
  1. Deb R Says:

    Uuuhh...."Up in Smoke?" :-D

    (I really have no idea, but if they didn't say that in that movie, they should've!)

    I have nothing interesting. Sorry. If I think of something I'll...well, I'll blog about it!!

  2. katkin Says:

    The only interesting things in my life at the moment are the possibility of a vacation in Italy next year with my niece (we've got the passports, might as well use them!), a different niece and her kids visiting next week (we're going to go see Harry Potter!), and uploading wedding pics to share. Other than that it's the same old everyday boring stuff (ie: the daily work grind).

    Can't get the movie either but it feels like it's just hovering at the back of my mind. But I'm with DebR here, it was surely said at least once in "Up in Smoke"