Well, no one got the 10 points. It was an obscure line, and not in its entirety, from one of my most favorite movies, ever. The entire line is: "Tell them my last words were.... I'm on drugs!" and then the character - standing atop a garage roof, while on acid - goes on to claim he's a golden god. It's from Almost Famous.

I'm no longer on drugs and thankful for it. That last post was really out of sorts. I don't remember writing half of it. Boredom (and Darvocet) breeds bad behavior writing.

(did you see that neat little strikethrough? It's only taken me a year to figure out how to do that)

So, I'm back on track now, I think. Still, there's not much going on around here. We have some sunshine today (along with a 60% chance of rain but right now it's sunny!). Of course, that means Mr. Clean planned an afternoon at the movies. Because the sun is shining so we should get out of it. Go figure.

We're going to see Transformers and all of my boys are just too excited. Me? Meh. I remember Transformers from when I was growing up, but just in passing. I never played with them or anything. The funny thing is that when the previews first started for this movie, Mr. Clean made snide comments about how they keep pulling things from the 80's and comics to make movies... and how that obviously indicates a lack of creativity in the current movie business. I can't disagree entirely but I pointed out that it looked really well made, has a hot actor in it - Josh Duhamel - and it could be worse, it could be another Power Rangers movie.

Now, suddenly, it's The movie to see. Of course I'm standing behind all their male chest-beating action movie hype saying, "What about Harry Potter?" But that's okay because after I finish this post? I'm going book shopping online.

In other news, I'm currently shoulder-hunching over the possibilities of a new friend - via MySpace. Not too long ago, I finally broke down and made a "space" for myself. In general, the idea was to be able to keep tabs on the teenager in a non-parental-in-your-face manner, catch up with old friends who were also on there, keep up with BabySis, etc. I didn't expect anyone to "find" me and want to be friends.... much less someone I don't know (but who lives just up the road a bit). I'll admit, the whole situation brings all of my trust issues to the forefront. It's that darned cynicism of mine.

On the one hand, it's really cool. On the other, I feel like a huge ninny because my first instincts were "Why does this person want to be friends with me?" It's not born of a self-esteem issue but more from the fact that almost every Friend Request you get on MySpace is from some glitttery spam whore. It tends to put you on the defensive, automatically. Add to that, I'm used to talking to people online for a while and then thinking, "Oh... look, we're friends! How cool is that?" (Hi Deb!!) I'm not used to someone approaching me to say, "I think we should be friends." It's weird. Sort of.

So there's that. And really? I think the main hindrance is that she said she thought we had a lot in common and should be friends whereas the first thing I saw on her page was that reading fiction is a waste of time. Ahem. That sort of rubs what makes me ME the wrong way, ya know? It's all very odd at the moment. I'll be sure to write more about it if anything changes. It would be nice to have another friend out here where I actually LIVE. Heh. She's going to have to get over that fiction thing, though. LOL

As a side note, I find it really funny that I hit upon that one point and it's stuck so stickily like a half-sucked lollipop as my nearest, dearest, and oldest friend of 25+ years.... does not normally read fiction. Of course, that's always bugged me and I never cease to thrust books in her direction in an attempt to make her see the light, but - *shrug* - it never works. And yet, we're still BFF.

I think that's about it today. I've been holed up all week with my nose in a gargantuan book - Diana Gabaldon's A Breath of Snow and Ashes - and am only halfway through it. It's a 2nd read, but the first time I read so fast, I think I missed a few points. I'm taking it much slower this time, but I need to finish so I can start reading all of those I'll be buying today. *grin*

Writing News: I bought a new binder for everything and made tabs so I can separate the Synopsis from the Cast from the Big Bad from the Scenes. It's a neat little binder. I haven't added anything this week. It's been a zero word week (and understandably). I'm not beating myself up over it.

If you have some sunshine in your world today, go out and bask in it! :)
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2 Responses
  1. Deb R Says:

    Hi! :-)

    No wonder I didn't get the movie quote - I've never seen Almost Famous. (I still bet Cheech and Chong said it too though. Ahem.)

    The whole MySpace thing is just a little odd. Hhhmmm.... Future blogging fodder maybe.

  2. katkin Says:

    I don't get that some people don't care to read fiction (or anything sometimes). For me, it's almost like watching a movie. With a really good book you fall into another world, time, universe, whatever. I've been asked, "How do you know this or that?" and it's because I've read it somewhere most likely.
    The MySpace thing sounds strange. I don't make friends all that easily. I'm nice to folks and can get along with about anyone, but true friends are hard. When I find 'em I keep 'em.
    Glad you're feeling better.