Dear Barnes & Noble Web Site,

Last week, I decided to clear out a solid handful of sticky notes from my desk cabinet doors and saved 20 books I want to read to my wish list on your web site. It was really cool and easy to use, and I felt lucky to have a place to assist my failing memory (and over-stickied cabinet doors). Of course, after entering all those glorious book titles, I threw the sticky notes away... in the Trash, which is now gone with all the empty coffee bottles I consume weekly (as was the point in using your web site).

Today, I went to add #21 - The Big Book of Filth - and found you'd DELETED the other 20 I'd saved. DELETED THEM!! So. I thought it fair to tell you, the wish list function on your web site sucks worse than a fifty-year-old Hoover with a giant hole in the hose. Just saying.

FYI... I'm going back to Amazon, where they've kept ALL my wish list items, dating back to 2002. You can stick your membership benefits up your butt (after you send me my Harry Potter #7, that is). Bastards.

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2 Responses
  1. BabySis Says:

    ROFLMAO.. OMG!!!! that's all I got.. hehehe

  2. dragonfly Says:

    Stop laughing. It's SO not funny. Lucky for me, though, I'd emailed Mr. Clean the latest "I want" list for my birthday... so I was able to find the last few I couldn't remember. And then put them on Amazon. Heh.