But first, a couple of random items:
1) I totally lucked out. I learned a long time ago that when it comes to gifts and Mr. Clean, the best possible way to go about things is to leave a sticky note to remind him, a list of choices, and then also email him. So. He hadn't yet deleted the email I'd sent him with a copy of my B&N wish list. Yippee! I transferred the last remaining items I couldn't wring from my brain to my new Amazon wish list. I still think B&N are boogers.

2) Spawnling #1 (Shaggy) went to school today, on crutches. I cringed the entire day in anticipation of a phone call telling me he'd fallen and injured himself worse. Turns out Friday is a lucky day. He made it through his classes with no problems and probably more friends than ever since he gets to choose someone to leave each of his classes with him, early. Mr. Clean informed me a couple of girls descended upon him in the Attendance office... like little, cooing vultures. He's enjoying the attention.... good news since we're thinking we'll get a surgery date next week.

And now, the Interview. Over at Red Shoe Ramblings, DebR posted a "meme-ish sort of thing... called the Interview Game." Of course, I jumped on her meme bandwagon (as I love to do) and begged her: "Interview me!" So here it is and, as you'll see, Deb didn't make these questions easy on me.. *grin*

1. You've been told that you must leave the country and live abroad for exactly one year, but you have your choice of any other country in the world to live in during that time. Where would you go for a year and why?

Those who read my blog regularly already know the answer to this question but perhaps not all the reasons why. If I had to live in another country for a year, my first choice would most likely be: Scotland, either Inverness (Northern Scotland) or Pitlochry (just NW of Edinburgh, near Braemar). I'd hang out in a nice little cottage and write for a year...in total blessed silence. Well, except for the music I'd have playing... and the brief interruptions to head down to the local pub and get happy with the locals (read: look for hotties in kilts). Why there? I fell absolutely head over heels in love with the country a few years back and while there, my creative juices bubbled and exploded until I felt like that blueberry girl in Willy Wonka, in desperate need of some squeezing. It's a place made for dreaming and writing.

Now, if for some reason I wasn't allowed to go there.... I'd pick some gorgeous beachy locale like Fiji or Tahiti where I could have a little hut hanging out over the water with a hammock on the balcony. The only thing about that is I'm afraid I'd laze the days away reading instead of writing! And really, if I'm getting sent away for a year... I kinda feel like I'd need to accomplish something in the process.

2. If someone was coming to your house for dinner and you wanted to serve the most yummy and impressive dessert in your repertoire, what would you make?

Ooooh, that would have to be my blatantly alcoholic Black Forest Torte. I don't get to make it often because it just takes too damn long but it's the absolute best for special occasions. Yes, Deb, if you visit me... you'll be getting some Black Forest cake! It's deep dark chocolate cake with notes of black cherry flavor, layered with juicy cherries infused with Kirschwasser (cherry brandy), and whipped cream. Then, the whole thing is covered with more whipped cream, chocolate shavings, and more cherries. It's to die for. And I'm working on a way to shrink the same flavors down into a cupcake for my upcoming summer family reunion. I'll post pics on how that turns out. BabySis will be helping so it's sure to be an adventure.

3. When I say the word "conflict" what's the first thing you think of?

Upon reading this question, I had multiple thoughts at once: the daily doses of incessant Spawnling McBickerfests (better since Shaggy's accident, though!), conflict diamonds (I watched Blood Diamond on DVD the other night), the conflict I feel daily when I log on to the day job while wishing I could just open a Word doc and start typing from my imagination instead, and then trying to come up with decent conflict in what I am currently plotting out. It's all about the conflict here.

4. Do you remember when you first realized you were passionate about writing? Tell us about that.

It's funny... I didn't think there was a defining moment but then I remembered one! In 6th grade English, Mrs. C gave us an assignment to write a short story. I don't recall if there were specific elements that had to be included (which might explain it's content) but I wrote about an alien cockroach who came to Earth one night and invaded my bedroom. (I know... ewwww!) It was 1st person.

-- I wonder now if it was the story that gave me the roach phobia or the roach phobia that gave me the story. --

Anyhow. I got a big fat A+ on that story and a note stating something along the lines of: "very creative and scary!" I think that's the moment I got hooked on writing and that teacher did everything in her power to encourage me. Of course, after that, I wrote years of bad, angsty poetry about my little teenager heart just bursting with love and feelings for people who would never return the favor, and a few other short stories. I also worked on the Yearbook staff, where I captioned my little heart out and found witty things to say about the boredom of teenagers. Then, nothing for a long while... until the late 90's when I began journaling again in earnest. In 2002, I began dabbling again with stories. Now, I'm just trying to balance the writing with everyday life. Currently, I'm in plotting hell (which is why that little word meter up there is not moving).

5. What's something about being a mother that is completely different (for better or worse!) than you imagined it would be before you had kids?

Ooooh, is this where I get to talk smack about being a Mom? *grin*

Honestly, it's been much easier than I'd expected.. from the pregnancies (which I loved!) to raising kids with an intact system of morals and ethics. I think the last bit is partly due to our location. You're always told it's all about location, location, location. It's true and a bit easier to talk to your kids about Meth when it's not being shoved in their faces 24/7. It's been much harder to control my own language, however. I talk like a sailor and though I told myself I'd never cuss in front of my kids... I unfortunately find myself saying, "You're not allowed to say that until you're 18," A Lot. I know! Bad Mom. I really do try to say "Fruitbat" but seriously? One syllable is MUCH easier than two when it's on the fly.

Hmmm.... the constant chauffeuring was NOT what I signed up for. I should re-state that... I thought that part of parenting would be FUN. It's not. I have a friend who practically Lives in her SUV and it makes me scratch my head, constantly. I can't figure out how her butt has not taken on the shape of her driver's seat.

The hugs and kisses and cuddles are so much more than I ever imagined but the constant worrying and the added gray hairs from doing so? Not so much on my "expected" list. Now, if only we could have a road trip that didn't include my saying (even once): "If you don't stop that crap Right Now, you're going to be walking the rest of the way!" That'd be awesome.

One thing that's important to add (I think) is that I kind of expected to lose "Myself" after I had kids. I'm happy to say they've really helped me FIND myself, instead. Many of the personality quirks I'd always pushed into the background have turned out to be advantageous when raising kids. There's nothing like being the "Nutty, Cool Mom" to ensure all your kids friends come to Your house instead yours leaving home all the time. Seriously though, I found strengths I didn't know I owned and ways to overcome the faults I did own. It's all made me a better person, I think.

And I have to add a Spawnling Moment of the week... just because. Shaggy, while moping about the house the other day, updated his MySpace page and added me as his friend. I know! I almost passed out. Even better? When I pointed out that his "About Me" copy was a little ummm... BAD (he writes like his father), he let me EDIT! I can't possibly convey how big a deal this is for a 15 y.o. to let his MOTHER do something like that. I know most of it has to do with the fact that he doesn't feel good and is in pain and needs cuddling/coddling... but I'll take my perks where I can get them!

So. That's my interview.
Now, if you want to play the Interview Game, here’s what you do:
1. Leave me a comment saying, “Interview me.”

2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.
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  1. Deb R Says:

    I knew you'd have some great answers and you did!!

    Thanks for playing along. :-)