Songs Downloaded From iTunes: 5

Currently Playing: Damien Rice - Grey Room

Pages Written Today: 14 keyed (from those written longhand) and 21 new.

The words are flowing. The word counter is counting. My main character is struggling with news she's just learned about herself. And her BFF is a total HOOT to write.

In other news, Shaggy is down with the flu and either I'm getting it or I've psychologically convinced myself I'm getting it. I KNEW something was off when he kept hugging me the other night. Teenagers do not hug freely unless something is wrong. Either way, we're both chugging the Thera-Flu. Not fun. But I don't care because - happy dance! - I'm writing and all is good in the world.

Have a great Super Bowl weekend (for those of you in the U.S.). I'm not cheering for either team... but if I had to choose... go Colts! Peyton Manning is the cuter quarterback. (I know that's so shallow... *shrug*)
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2 Responses
  1. Katkin Says:

    What d'ya mean shallow? I thought that's how everyone picked a team. heh. Hope everybody feels better soon. And Happy Dancing for you too!

  2. dragonfly Says:

    Apparently shallow works. That was, by far, the funniest game I've ever seen. The commercials sucked though.