To The Universe:

Did I do something to anger you? Perhaps one too many fist-raising-while-shrieking incidents? If so, I apologize. Really. I'm sorry. Really sorry. I have control issues.

Now, since the apologies are out of the way, can you make everything around me start working again? I've endured Two. Long. Weeks! of craptastic dial-up connections with my job, causing 8 hour days to last more like 12 hours... and not only is it wearing on my last good nerve, it's also not looking great when it comes to paying my salary.

You'll notice I did not even mention the fact that I have now lived out here for fourteen years and EVERY year, I'm told Broadband will be coming soon. And EVERY year, I'm then told that I live ONE SINGLE STINKING EVER-LOVING PODUNK BACKWATER MILE TOO FAR to get it. Oh no, I'm not complaining about that. And I'm not complaining about the fact that I pay a small fortune for satellite internet, yet IT doesn't like connecting with work, making it completely useless for anything except blogging/cruising the web. Noooo, I'm not complaining about that either.

I'd just like my dial-up to work like it did two weeks ago. Because, if it doesn't? They'll be scraping little bits of me off the walls for weeks after I explode like I just ate a metric ton of C4 instead of M&M's.

Yours Sincerely,


-- In other news, I wrote 14 pages on the new version of my WIP. It's all longhand but the approximate word count is 3,010 words. I crapped out yesterday on writing anything and tonight is McHotty night on TV so I'm not sure how much I'll get done. Especially considering my mood. Then again, what better time to write a scene about a really nasty piece of work mean girl. If Tinkerbell were a full-size cheerleader and a bit on the rabid side -- you'd have my antagonist. *grin* I just love that mental picture. What I love even more is that my MC is about to accidentally cause a little tripping incident and Ms. Tinkerbell is about to show an entire baseball practice field of teenage boys that she decided to go commando. Oops.
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