Yes, folks... I'm still halfway living out of the closet. I think that'll change soon. I hope. I never realized how many articles of clothing I own. And how many I have not worn in some time. I found two pairs of pants with tags still on them. They're at least two years old. Yeesh.

In non-closet-clothing-not-worn news: I successfully sent two children off to school today, so I'm only hiding from Mr. Clean now. *Happy Dance*

The spawn came home from school with relatively normal temps and their complexions have lost that ghostly ill pallor. Indeed, Shaggy even managed 20 minutes of baseball practice (with me - and can I just say that even though Texas is doing a mean inpersonation of spring already, it was nice to out in the fresh air!). He didn't catch everything and rocketed a few into outer space (rather than to my glove) but hey, it's better than him hiding in his room like it's a Tuberculosis cave hospital. A side note -- I can't wait to see this kid play baseball. The arm on him... oh. my. dog. My hand is still stinging from the ones I caught (and he was not close by when he threw them).

Doodlebug just went outside to play a little baseball with his brother. He has tryouts this weekend. I'm hoping he'll be fully up for it. Both of them are still singing the Phlegm-Cough-Yuck song... but they are WELL. Still, I'm sure I'll get a few dirty looks from mothers at the baseball field who ASSUME I've allowed my child to rub shoulders with theirs while they are deathly ill and contagious. Nice. Gotta love assumptions. And on the first day, no less. I'm bound to make LOTS of friends. Heh.

Now, while all of this is - I'm sure - quite interesting... it's not why I sat down to blog today. No, indeedy. I sat down to show you me as an M&M!

Lots and lots of waste-of-time fun while hiding in the closet today. And yes, I do have a tattoo but it's not of a butterfly. It's a dragonfly with a thistle. They didn't have any dragonflies on the Planet M&M site. Boogers.

I feel a bit guilty for having wasted so much time on my little M&M chickie. Instead, I should have been working on my novel. I'm hoping to get to it later today if I can beat the temptation of procrastination. I'm at a bit of a crossroads... or perhaps, I should call it a road block. See, my MC is a witch. And I guess you could say she needs to go to a private school, of sorts. BUT - and here's where it gets sticky - I can't figure out how to get her there. It's that whole coming-up-with-an-original-portal problem.

Sabrina (of the Teenage Witch) reached the other realm through a linen closet. Great idea. I need something of the sort as my MC will be simply using this as a means to travel to and from school each day. She still has quite a life in the mortal realm.

Samantha (of Bewitched) simply twitched her nose and she popped in and out as she pleased. I'm not going in that direction with my magic.

Also? I don't want to involve any mirrors or other cliche objects. It has to be something that fits a "between" definition. Between rooms. Between spaces. Between times. Rowling did a great job with this, utilizing Platform 9 3/4 as her "between" -- so how the heck does my girl go, go, go?

I don't know. And therein lies the road block. I can't seem to go further until I find out. Of course, this totally defeats the purpose of fast-drafting. I should simply write: [enter bit about portal] and [goes through portal] as I'm writing so I can get to work. I should. I WANT to. My pen has other thoughts.

Hmm, okay, I think that's about it for today. I'm off to make a lovely pot of spaghetti with salad and garlic bread. YUM. My stomach is growling like crazy. And then, I'm going to sit down and enjoy McHottie Thursday and try to simultaneously figure out my little portal problem.

p.s. For any of you LOSTies out there --- Did last night ROCK or what?
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  1. bubbles Says:

    Maybe a door thats not really a door, just a part of the wall, like a decoration.

  2. bubbles Says:

    Maybe a door thats not really a door, just a part of the wall, like a decoration.