She ROCKS! Last night, she left me a comment about my portal problem, which said: "Maybe a door thats not really a door, just a part of the wall, like a decoration."

I told Mr. Clean (who had ventured out from the blanket cave): "A door that's not a door. Is that not genius?"

And it was... genius... because ten minutes later, my pen was feverishly scritching new words on lots and lots of paper. I now have a door that's not a door... and 11 fresh pages of WIP!! Without going into too much detail, I have an enormous painting of a forest scene and a bright blue door suspended - floating, it seems - in the middle of it. It's rather Neo-Surrealist... and very cool.

SO. My portal is born and I owe Bubbles pretty cupcakes and lunch on the town. I hear she may be coming to visit for a few days in April (? is that right?). She'd better. I need to HUG her! Really, Bubbles... thanks. You blew that road block clean out of the park.

I updated the word count - it's going to remain somewhat approximate until I type all these pages in, but normally that just means it'll increase. I always end up with more words typed that I do written (and I don't write small). I guess that'd be a sure-fire sign that I do a tiny little wee bit of editing as I type in pages. Shhhhh, don't tell.
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3 Responses
  1. Bubbles Says:

    Awww... I can't stop smiling. I'm glad I helped... Yep, April. I wil keep you updated... and soon I will mail that DVD remote that I promised you before Christmas.

  2. Babysis Says:

    So you all are going to call me about some dates so that I can take off and hang out with yall, right??

  3. dragonfly Says:

    Bubbles - keep that grin on your face as long as you can. I think when I finish this, you might be getting the editing gig. *ROFL*

    Babysis - No. We're not going to call you. We're going to keep it a big fat secret. I'll let you know the day she leaves. *grin*