In the face of a harried, crazed baseball coordinator who's literally tearing her hair out over the phone... murmur appreciatively, remember your day job that's not getting full attention, your writing that's not getting full attention, the fact that you've eaten out twice this week - with a third inevitable for this evening, plus the distinctive lack of cuddle time lately... and Just. Say. No.

I feel bad but, really, I've been griping about my lack of time before all this came down. And when Daylight Savings Time hits - my world of non-sleep is going to get even sleepier.

I'm jealous of the cat today. She's curled up on one of my book bags beneath the window, comatose. I'd like to shrink to Barbie size and curl up next to her. Now that'd be a great "super" power, the ability to shrink yourself small enough to hide from the world and take a nap. Heh.
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