I really shouldn't be blogging just now; I have so many other things to do today. But. I'm not finished with my coffee and I've already read through all my daily blog reads that I missed yesterday. Plus, I'm procrastinating. And you would too if this were the list of things you need to do in the next four hours...

1) Find the cat pee smell*
2) Kill the cat
3) Take a shower
4) Bake Cookies & Cream cupcakes
5) Do a quick & dirty outline on a plot idea I had last night, which knocked my current one completely out of the water, so I can write on it tonight while watching baseball practice.**
6) Make sure I have all the ingredients on hand for my special hot cocoa, which I'll be taking with me to baseball practice tonight.***
7) Make sure I have those thermal heater-upper sticky things (you know, the kind you wear on your sore back?) so I can warm my BUTT tonight while watching baseball practice.
8) Make up 4 hours for the day job.... ha ha ha, yeah right. This will wait for Monday (banker's holiday!).
9) Put off #4 and read a couple more chapters of the book currently affixed to my face. (see sidebar)
10) Eat leftovers from last night's Oh So Delicious dinner.****

Okay, so maybe I'm just procrastinating a couple of those items.

*My cat is special. She's a vindictive psychotic Tortie who will pee on any towel left on the floor OR on something she deems MINE when I've left her in the house, Alone. Separation anxiety? She's about to be separated from one of her lives if I cannot locate her latest attack.

**Mr. Clean took me on a date last night and, while waiting for our table at the restaurant, a plot idea nailed me. Nailed. Me. I borrowed the bartender's pen and filled up a couple of bar napkins with quick notes. Mr. Clean even gave it a nod -- which is SOMETHING because normally he says, "Yeah, it's okay." or "That's nice." (lest you read that wrongly... he is very supportive and not at all patronizing. He is, however, not a "creative" type so hardly ever offers anything beyond the previous) Last night, I got, "That sounds really cool. I could see that. It's a great idea."

This, of course, comes on the heels of my static word counter. Why, you ask, is your counter not moving? Ohhh... that would be due to my not writing anything this week. Because I have become bored with what I was working on.

I kept asking myself the important question: What's the worst that could happen to my main character? And when the answers came back, I said, "Meh... that's boring." So now I'm stuck between this new and brilliant and interesting plot, which has Mr. Clean's nod... and the boring "Meh" plot, which is going nowhere fast (but has merits still). I'll do a quick & dirty outline on the new and see if its merits outweigh the other and then decide what to do.

This starting over business is KILLING ME. At the same time, I acknowledge that I simply haven't found my niche. I have the voice, just not the story to go with it just yet. So. Tiring. (and frustrating!) But... at least I'm continuously writing. And who knows, maybe one of these non-starters will offer material for a future idea.

*** Last week's baseball practice --- I froze my ever-lovin' ARSE off. Seriously. Froze to the bleachers (and they were wood). I vowed that I will do everything in my power to stay warm this weekend. Thus, I am bringing hot cocoa, a blanket, and some of those therapy stick-to-you warm patches to SIT ON (though I'm wondering if it'd be easier to just stick them on my butt, under my jeans). There is nothing worse that losing all feeling in your hind parts because it's that damn cold.

At this time, I'd like to give a nod to DebR who's current weather makes me look like the whiner I am. Yes, I live in Texas, where cold is just a euphemism for Hell taking a brief vacation. Normally, I love it more but this year I can't seem to get warm. It'll be in the low 30's tonight, with wind. I'm such a wuss.

**** Mr. Clean took me to my favorite restaurant, Pallotta's Italian Grille, where the Orgasmic Chicken Marsala is made. I noted a couple more ingredients on this visit and am fairly sure I can now re-create it at home. We'll see. Also? We then went to see Ghost Rider. It rocked. I'm definitely buying the DVD for that one. Nicholas Cage? Oh. My. Yummy. Best I've ever seen him look. Ever. I've been in love with him since Valley Girl (one of my favorite guilty pleasure movies... but you didn't read that here).

Well, enough of this procrastination stuff. I really need that shower.

EDITED TO ADD: P.S. Can anyone offer up the appropriate way to write your HTML code so the lists of books and blogs in my side bar can be a different font and color? Ever since I moved to the new Blogger, my additions are coming up in a different color now... and I can't figure it out. Plus, I hate that font. I just don't know how to write the line with the links and whatnot, to define a different font/color. Grrrr.
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3 Responses
  1. Deb R Says:

    We got more snow today. Sigh.

    If you figure out the absolute perfect Chicken Marsala recipe, will you share, pleeeease?

    I really want to see Ghost Rider if I can ever again leave my damn house.

  2. Dancinfairy Says:

    I love the blatant whining tag. I remember when I just used to use my blog as an outlet for everything that wound me up. Now I guess I just use Paul instead!!!

  3. dragonfly Says:

    Deb - I'm trying hard for sympathy to your plight. No, really. It has to stink to not be able to leave. Perhaps you could ski to town? *grin*

    Chicken Marsala recipe soon, I promise. I just have to work out a few tricksy elements.

    Ghost Rider -- yum.

    Dancinfairy - Glad you like the tag. It was my 2nd favorite. Hopefully that doesn't mean I'll be using it more... LOL