Well today I turned one whole Internet year old. Or really, my blog did. I had the idea of posting some interesting anecdotes about stuff but everything is currently on hold.

Instead, I'm fulfilling one of my biggest dreams ever - trying to recoup my music from my iPod onto a newly downloaded version of iTunes (remember last month's hard drive crash?). Did I say dream? I meant nightmare.

I've been through hours of reading about shareware that helps you do this. And then a bunch of people said, "Pssshhaaaa, forget that. Here's the FREE way to do it. And it works. I SWEAR." So I dithered for another hour and then decided to:

a) try the free way
b) have a complete batshit crazy meltdown of nuclear proportion if it doesn't work and ends up deleting everything from my iPod.

In my defense, I DID try to have a backup when my laptop started acting wonky. Alas, I never bothered to CHECK the CD to make sure the backup made it there. Yeah. It didn't.

So, happy blogiversary to me. Some new things coming, but not so much. Just keeping on keeping on. Y'all have a good one.

(and if you hear a strange animal-like scream in the middle of the clear night air... yeah, it's probably me losing it. Then again, my fingers are crossed and that hasn't failed me yet.)
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