It's been a while since I did a WordPlay. I'm trying to get into the habit of doing it every Wednesday. We'll see how that goes...

So, this week it's J. I really haven't gotten very far in the alphabet, have I?

Oh, J, how I do love thy curviness...

jacked - as in "jacked up," as in... My laptop is so jacked up, it's flashing blue screens at me and I cannot work today! A nice way to avoid using my favorite F word.

Jezebel - my laptop's new name

journey - I'm really hankering for a journey today. Any. Where. But. Here. My random irritability aside, though, I enjoy journeys - whether they be real (road trip!) or just in my mind, it's all good.

Jello - watch it wiggle, hear me giggle... Yes, I still love Jello. I like to stuff my mouth full of the jiggly stuff and then open wide and wiggle my tongue around. It's totally gross (which is why I so thoroughly enjoy doing it).

jealousy - a fruitless waste of time, for the most part. Although... there are times... Nah.

jewelry - I do love me some jewelry but then, also? Not so much. I have a few items I wear daily - wedding rings, charm bracelet, and watch. Then I have a simple silver torque, which I wear with a variety of pendants, depending upon my mood - all of which, I've found at hidden little gem and jewelry shops. My favorite is a Carnelian cabochon. The runner up is a square piece of Amber. I'm constantly looking for a pretty Moonstone pendant to wear on it but haven't yet found one. Other than that, I have a couple of rings I occasionally wear on and off and then another necklace of cognac Amber (with matching earrings) that I love. That's it. That being said, though, my jewelry box is sort of overflowing with items I thought I loved but then decided, "Mehh..."

jonesing - I am. Right now. For coffee. It's not what you think. It's medically necessary for my sore throat and stuffy nose. Strong hot coffee is proven to open your air passages!! Really!

Jordan (almonds) - not as good as plain old chocolate covered.

jot - I'm a jotter. I jot things down all day long. Sometimes, I like to just jot dots.

just - Heh.. no such thing as "just" in my world. It never stops at "just" one thing. If you ever hear me say, "It's just that...," be prepared for an lonnnnnng diatribe. 'Just' is my way of beating around the bush.

jellybeans - We seem to have a candy theme going on here since I cannot think of any decent 'J' words. But I do love jellybeans. My favorite: Licorice! And it's totally cool that everyone else hates them because then it leaves more for ME. JellyBelly jellybeans, however... I don't much care for some of their weird-ass flavors. Buttered popcorn?? Come on. If I wanted popcorn, I'd just eat popcorn... not some piece of candy that tastes like it. And seriously, vomit flavored jellybeans? Shaggy hit me with one of those not long ago and it permanently knocked me off any jellybean that's made by JellyBelly. He thought it was funny. He wasn't laughing so much when he woke up the next morning and had them hidden in his cereal bowl. (but I was)

joke - As you can see, I like a good joke. More like practical jokes, but if it's funny... I'm there. Anything for a laugh (except when that anything hurts people. I'm not so into making people the butt of my joke... except for Mr. Clean... but that's a running joke between us, kind of like this run-on sentence is a joke).

juggling - I can juggle all sorts of things at once, as long as they're not tangible items. Juggle three balls? Not on your life (and the effort might indeed cost you your life when one of those nifty little balls flies out of my hand and hits you square in the eye). No coordination. Juggle work, play, spawnlings, homework, dinner, McBickerfests, husband, etc., etc., etc.... I got it all under control.

joy - When your 14 year old spawnling who's worn the same 'bad smell' expression on his face for two years now comes up to you and gives you a big hug and then says, "I really do love you, Mom."

jaunty - I used to have hat I called my "Jaunty Hat" because it sat atop my head in such a way, it might as well have had neon lights blinking "Jaunty" across the top. I had a love/hate relationship with that hat. It was worn only while showing horses in Saddle Seat - thus, I loved it because it meant I was on a horse and a) not mucking stalls, or b) not in school. The hate? I have always had very long hair. At the time, it was about waist length and layered. It's naturally curly in that way that means most people hate me even while I'm cursing the Texas humidity. Hello people... you try taming something that wants to look like a French Poodle at a dog show! Umm, anyhow... in order to wear that hat, my hair had to be french-braided and tucked and rolled and basically wrenched into place. My mother was the braider. To her credit, she could braid the stray whiskers on a rabid dog and make it look pretty. To my credit, I never actually CRIED, but Lord I wanted to sometimes. Usually when the corner of my eyes were pulled back to my ears.

And now, I have run out of words... and time. I have a wee spawnling going on behind me with an enormous amount of hysterical dramatizing about how he is starving and he will soon die if dinner is not put forth in mere seconds. Gee, I guess I should take pity on him and cook dinner.
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