Okay, so a couple of weeks ago, DebR took pity on my writer's block and issued a challenge to me - one she's since opened up as a two-part contest on her blog. You should go participate!

The challenge? Write a sex scene involving the following items: a pair of pink fur-lined handcuffs, a rubber chicken, a bird named Trixie, and a DVD of the Happy Days "Jump the Shark" episode. *laughing* (the second challenge on her blog involves excuses not to write said sex scene)

The following scene might not be my best writing ever, but if the bouncing and giggling while writing it says anything, I think I may have found the "fun" again. Thanks, Deb. It was just what I needed to quit whining and get off my ass. Major hugs being sent your way!!

So. Without further adieu...

A deep, smoky laugh floated out of my mouth as I pushed my boyfriend back against the couch. Before that moment, I didn’t know a laugh like that existed in me. It felt so naughty.

One corner of Tony’s mouth curled up and his eyes glimmered as he watched me but before he could think to reach out, I leapt astride him. The zippers on his jacket felt hard and cold against my skin, covered only by his stolen shirt. I pushed the jacket apart and ran my hands across his chest, bare beneath the heavy black leather.

He covered them with his own and leaned his head back. “Wow, watching Happy Days really does get you hot.”

“Mmm hmm,” I mused while I ran the pads of my fingers back and forth across his erect nipples. I squeezed his hips between my knees and then leaned in to trace the edge of his ear with my tongue.

Between little gasps, he said, “It’s kind of weird, hon. Don’t you think?”

“I think you talk too much,” I whispered in his ear. “Just shut up and enjoy it.”

He gripped my waist and shivered beneath me as I took his earlobe between my teeth. But then he pushed me back and held me at bay. “Seriously. Do I have to wear the jacket? It itches.”

I quirked an eyebrow at him. “Would you rather put on water skis and try to jump a shark?”

He shook his head. “Only I could find a hottie with a Fonz fetish. I’m really starting to question why I bought you those DVDs.”

Ignoring him, I reached down and slowly slid the lower buttons of the shirt free, then did the same to the top ones, leaving only two in the middle as a tease.

His eyes widened. “I’m going to feel very dirty in the morning aren’t I?”

I grinned. “Oh yes, you most certainly are.”

He tilted his head skyward as though asking for heavenly intervention – though why he’d want anyone to intervene at that moment was a mystery to me. I took advantage of his distraction and pinned his arms against the couch with my knees.

Leaning forward, I whispered in his ear, “I’m going to ravish you now,” while I reached behind him for my secret weapon; a pair of pink fur-lined handcuffs. The saleswoman had laughed when I told her they were for my boyfriend. I doubted he was going to laugh, but he’d thank me for it in the morning either way.

“What the hell?” he squawked against my mouth when he felt one end click around his wrist.

“Shhh… just go with it, darlin’. I promise you it won’t hurt. Much.”

“Skylar, really, I think this is going too far,” he said, trying to squirm out from beneath me.

I squeezed my legs tightly around him, sat back, and gave him my best puppy dog face, complete with the trademark pouty lower lip. “But sweetie, you promised.”

“I didn’t promise this,” he said, waving the loose handcuff around.

“You did,” I insisted with a petulant flounce, “You said I could have anything I wanted.”

He sucked his breath in at the movement and, seeing his reaction, I repeated it until his protests were replaced by small groans of impatience. Putty in my hands once more, I ran them along the ropey muscles of his arms and teased them above his head. I held them there as I kissed him into acquiescence.

“Please,” I mouthed against his lips, too soft for a man but a dream to kiss all the same. I leaned back and he followed me with his body, his arms coming down to keep me from falling. I pushed them behind him and held them there as I gave a little moan of pleasure against his tongue. Before he’d even nodded his assent, I’d clipped the other cuff on. I grinned against his mouth. “You won’t regret it.”

His eyes flashed at me, wary. Ignoring the look, I pushed the jacket off his shoulders, effectively pinning his arms once and for all.

“Oh dear God, you’re trouble,” he sighed, but I could feel his excitement between my legs so I disregarded his protests.

Flipping the last two buttons of the shirt free, I parted the halves and ran my hands across my bared breasts until he begged me to come closer. Instead, I got up and stood before him, my hands on my hips.

“Where are you going?” he asked, a note of concern in his voice.

“Not far,” I said with a smile and then turned around. Bending over enough to show him a
healthy glimpse of what he wanted, I reached beneath the coffee table and pulled out two items. Spinning back, I grinned and held them up. “Which will it be? The rubber chicken or the ping pong paddle?”

“Okay, no. This is enough now, Skylar. I’m not going to sit here and let you spank me,” he squirmed against the cuffs, edging himself forward enough to try and stand, “and I can’t even contemplate what you might use that chicken for.”

I laughed and tossed them both behind me. “You’re no fun, ya know?” I teased, my hands on my hips, “I guess I’ll just have to give you what you want.”

I watched his face as I peeled the shirt off. The look of predatory hunger made my legs shake. I took a deep breath and then, with a whoop of excitement, I leapt back on him.

Sometime later, as the screams of, “Oh yes! Yes! Yes!” filled the air, I threw the handcuffs across the room. “Oh shut up, Trixie,” I said to the parrot.

“You’ve.. really.. got.. to find.. a way.. to make her.. stop that,” Tony told me as he drove himself deep inside me.

I tried to laugh but gasped and repeated the bird’s words instead.
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4 Responses
  1. Deb R Says:


    You did great - I love it!! :-)

    When you get time, email me your snail mail addy and I'll get your postcard in the mail the first of next week.

    Still laughing at Trixie's "oh yes..." :-D

  2. Anonymous Says:

    That is too funny, but sounds great! I am glad you are having fun now sis.. :)

  3. Dragonfly Says:

    Thanks y'all. It was a lot of fun to write. The funniest part? I'm SO stuck on Trixie now... where she came from, who her previous owner was, etc. She'll definitely be a star in one of my future stories.

  4. Shaz Says:

    That was great im still laughing and my girls are looking at me like im mad with contorted faces and the latest inquisition of what I am reading. Well done.