Yep... I'm officially throwing it in. I've had to admit that NaNoWriMo is a NoNoNoGo this year. And a very small part of me despises having written that sentence. All the other parts are screaming, "Are you KIDDING? It's about time!"

The thing is, I've got nothing. It's not that I'm blocked or my "muse" has run away. I'm not a big believer in the muse anyhow. What I do have is big freaking case of: I. Am. Tired. I'm wiped out, worn down, and so past ready for a serious nap I might as well change my name to Rip Van Winkle. See y'all in a couple hundred years.

Also? I might be PMS-ing. Just saying.

Last year, I nailed the 50k and then spent almost all of this year hitting a 2nd draft... a good 2nd draft... but also, a 2nd draft I did not finish. And while I'm right peeved at myself about that, I also have enough smarts to admit I just wasn't into it that much towards the end. A big loss? Mehhh. Perhaps. Then again, it was all about the funny and really? Deep down? I am all about the angst.

So I'll be back to the drawing board but not this month. I need some serious downtime, some time for a little 'Come to Jesus' talk with myself. Obviously, I do Not need any further amount of time in which I try to rationalize the fact that I've just effectively QUIT something. I hate quitting. I hate worse that I'll sit here and try to rationalize it away until I'm blue in the face (and then I'll take a deep breath and try again from just One. More. Angle.). Heh. Did I mention angst?

Yeah, let's now call that little internal-rant-turned-public over. Really, it's for the best. I could go on for quite a while and it wouldn't be pretty.

SO. In other news? Ummm... did I mention I've got nothing?

Actually, I do have something. I have a plan. I have some ideas but they are all still swimming about in my brain like tadpoles. I can't do a thing with them until they start losing their tails. Until then, my wrecked psyche needs to FINISH something. Anything. I'm thinking this might be a good time to perfect the short story.

Other than that... I'm working on my recipe for some fabulous pumpkin cupcakes with an egg-nog cream filling and spiced cream cheese icing. I do believe they are going to be "to die for." Or maybe "to die because of". We'll see.

To everyone out there hanging in during Week 2 of NaNo -- GOOD LUCK! Hunker down, ignore the TV, and Write! Write! Write!

p.s. I have been challenged by DebR to write a sex scene that somehow includes a rubber chicken, a pair of pink fur-covered handcuffs, a bird named Trixie, and a DVD of the Happy Days "Jump the Shark" episode. Look for it soon. It's just the type of thing I need right now, I think.
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2 Responses
  1. Dancinfairy Says:

    My great start has slowed, mainly due to the PMS and the horrible, horrible week I am having at work.

    Today I will attack again.

    I just need to turn the angry into words I guess.

  2. Deb R Says:

    I am SO looking forward to the challenge post! :-)