Words Written: 1,057!! (a Huge improvement over those big fat zero's I've been posting!)
Song on the iPod: (before I threw it out the window) Something More - Train

Just a quickie here as I'm valiantly trying to escape a conniption fit. So far, I'm losing. On the up side - Hello!! Look up there! I actually WROTE something.

This morning I woke up a little earlier than I'd planned and, in the hopes of staying up, bravely veered through the mess that is my email box. I found one of my favorite authors, Diana Gabaldon, had just posted her newest podcast. I figured it'd be better than indulging in my latest addiction - YouTube (Dog save me, I cannot stop watching these videos!).

-- I have to digress a moment to just say the guys at BufuMufu are really, Really CUTE (especially Coach Jim. I'd like to lick him. And I know that's so wrong... but I don't care because I'm sure he'd taste like spiced buttercream icing). Seriously. Look them up @ mdunnet. I'm so hooked, it's Sad. (digression over)

Anyhow, having already stayed up well past last night's bedtime to watch YouTube, I settled for the podcast. And a good thing I did! For some reason, while listening, I managed to find a tenuous reconnection to my main character. Something clicked. Something shouted. And next thing I knew, I was WRITING again.

That is, until the iPod decided to become the bane of my existence.

Really, to be fair, it's not the pod itself. It's the earbuds. When I first got the iPod, I quickly learned that Apple's earbuds are Too Big for my smallish ears. In other words: They. Hurt. I went out immediately and bought a set of headphones that go around behind your head and rest over your ears. The sound was great but after a few hours of writing, the area where my ears are attached to my head? Achy like a sonofagun. It. Hurt.

SO. Once again, I braved the Best Buy aisles and searched for something new. I found what I thought to be the best ever. It even claimed to be "surround sound" and the ends of the earbuds were squishy and looked small enough for my mutant midget ear holes. I fell in love with them (the surround sound claim was quite on the money)... until they started falling out of my ears every time I moved.

Yes. I have spent the last four hours trying to write while screwing these things into my ears until I began to scream in frustration. I turn my head. The left one falls out. I shove it back in. I shift position in my chair. The right one falls out. I shove it back in. And now? I AM DONE.

If Anyone has any ideas that will cost me less than $50.00... Please!! Share!! I'm desperate here. I'd really prefer earbuds but if they're all like this? Screw it, I'll go back to old school headphones. But, I want something with good sound quality that won't leak in the noise of spawnlings crying, "Mom? Mom? Are you in there? Can you hear me?" That said, I'm not buying Bose. I don't need that much of a sound barrier (and who can afford them?).

All who leave comments -- You're VERY Pretty and I promise not to lick you. (unless you're Coach Jim. Then all bets are off.)
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