Thought I'd go for a little dipping in chocolate action tonight with the Friday Feast. Call it a craving. Call it a sickness. Call it PMS.

If you could have a free subscription to any magazine, which one would you like to have?
Oh, hands down... Publisher's Marketplace. Not really a magazine as it's online, but at $20/month, no explanation is needed.

Describe your living room (furnishings, colors, etc.).

Hmm. My living room has hardwood floors and white (yuck!) walls. I'm hoping to paint soon, probably a cafe au lait color. We have an enormous couch that, if you take all the pillows off, is about the size of an extra long twin bed. Very comfortable for overnight guests. Or those nights when Mr. Clean is doing his impression of Paul Bunyan's buzz saw. Also, is a matching Chair-for-Two with an oversized ottoman -- All three in a sagey green color. Then Mr. Clean has his leather Lazy-Boy in a cream color. A sheepskin we brought back from Scotland drapes over the back.

The coffee table and end tables are a light distressed oak. There's an entertainment center, in a darker honey oak. The top is COVERED with little trinket boxes I collected (plus candles and some hand painted porcelain my Mema made for me). Past tense on the collecting part of the boxes as I've been handed cease and desist orders from Mr. Clean. There are more on the coffee table and the end tables (and in two sets of corner shelves). I have a lot of boxes. That's a whole 'nother blog.

Umm.. I have a large brass bowl filled with rough polished gemstones and a scrapbook filled with pics and stuff from Scotland (favorite item, a whisky flavored condom. Everyone gets a kick out of that.) - these on one of the end tables.

Big rug on the floor. Oh, and the eyesore -- my treadmill, which won't fit anywhere else in the house. Ohh! And an antique wooden rocking horse my Dad bought me at an estate sale many years back... And the psycho kitty's condo. I think that's it. (forgot the fish tank... there's a 10 gallon fish tank, too)

Stuff on the walls - a painting my Mema did (a lake scene), a set of deer antlers that Mr. Clean ahhh, procured, a clock my sister made me, which works, a cukoo clock from Germany, which doesn't, and a few photographs of Scotland.

Wow. Didn't realize I had so much STUFF in one room. Heh.

What does the shape of a circle make you think of?
For some reason, I'm hungry so my first thought was a slice of cucumber. Heh. That's disgustingly sad. A cucumber? Oh my. If I sit and think about it, I'd say a CD. I'm dying for a little music to go with my cucumber slice just now.

Main Course
Name 3 things in your life that you consider to be absolute necessities.
Geez. I think EVERYthing is a necessity. Really. Okay, let's try this.
#1 - My family.
#2 - COFFEE, because without it I'd be a horrifying zombie-like psycho nutcase who can't put two words together and has the comprehension capabilities of, well.. a cucumber. (that pesky stomach is still growling from the last question)
#3 - Books. Without that escape hatch, I migh as well just throw in the towel.

What was the last really funny movie you watched?
We watched Just My Luck tonight and it was funny. I didn't think I'd laugh that much, but it was really cute. Course, I love movies that have a bit of a Murphy's Law "bumbling about" factor to them.

M'kay, then. I have to go into the office tomorrow so no sleeping in and an earlier bedtime tonight. Blech. It's the one thing I hate about school being in session -- more office days each week.
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9 Responses
  1. Dancinfairy Says:

    Your living room sounds lovely. I love the sound of your couch, I would love one like that!

  2. Great Feast. I want your living room! Minus the white walls!!

    Have a great Friday!

  3. Wystful 1 Says:

    That brass bowl caught my eye! I bet that's a great piece for just looking at! Yes?

    Mine's served.

  4. dragonfly Says:

    dancinfairy - I absolutely LOVE this couch b/c Mr. Clean and I can easily spoon on it while watching a movie. The base cushion is one long fat cushion. The upside - it's reversible. The downside - there are buttons running through it, connected to buttons on the other side. I get caught on them a lot.

    sunshine - the white walls are going very soon!

    wystful - people love sifting through the stones with their hands. It's very calming. I'll have to take a pic of it one day.

  5. ribbiticus Says:

    great soup! mine's up! ;)

  6. Jill Says:

    Have you ever tried pineapple fondue? Strangely delicious.

  7. dragonfly Says:

    No! I haven't. But as a pineapple lover, I'd have a ball trying it out. Where, oh where can I try this strange concoction?

  8. Rob Says:

    Usually, the appetizer is sort of a "throwaway" question, but I've found it the most interesting this week! There's a lot of folks out there reading Publisher-type stuff. For this poor writer, it's a bit intimidating!

    Great feast!

    Rob of UnSpace

  9. dragonfly Says:

    Oh no, no.. au contraire (sic). I'm a poor writer too, which is why it's on my wish list instead of my bill pile. *grin*

    It is, however, part of my "reward" when I finish my WIP.