A double post today, thanks to a few moments of freeeeee time (which I should be spending cooking dinner but I'm thinking it'll be breakfast-for-dinner night).

On the iPod: Time – Pink Floyd (hysterically fitting)

August 1st – the first official day of Hell Month here at Chez Dragonfly. The spawnlings start school on the 15th but the Real Fun starts this week! This weekend is tax-free shopping weekend. It is also Mr. Clean’s and my 16th anniversary. How he’s put up with me this long, I haven’t a clue. Also? My family reunion is this weekend. AND, if that wasn’t enough, I decided I HAVE to try out a new cupcake recipe I dreamt about. Yes, I get my recipes from my dreams. I blame this one on the key lime pie I had at Pappadeaux’s the other night. I woke up the next morning with a fully fleshed out cupcake recipe. Of course, I have to make them now for my family!

So. Friday. I had to take the day off from work. The plan is to get up bright and early so I can start baking. 48 filled and frosted cupcakes later; it’ll be time to head off to the mall for school clothes shopping! I’ve begged BabySis to also take the day off and go with me – for moral support and to point out shiny things when I need to be distracted from throttling my spawn.

After shopping, I have to rush back home, pack bags for the weekend with family, and maybe find some way to trap Mr. Clean in a closet for a Happy Anniversary quickie before we hit the road. I seriously doubt I’ll be getting any action while sleeping on the floor of my family’s lake house with 25 other family members snoring nearby.

But before any of that happens, a host of other items are on my To-Do list – like finding some place that will sell me those little plastic cupcake boxes so mine don’t have illicit icing sex on the way to the lake house. And, also, I need to buy an air mattress because my back has gotten too old for floor sleeping. (Not ME, my back)

And I need to color my hair; something normally reserved for my amazing and awesome stylist, but since I’m spending $100 on an air mattress and then will probably go hog wild in the bookstore while shopping on Friday (passing it off as therapy, somehow), I figure the checkbook is going to be shut on my fingers by Mr. Clean at some point… so I’ll have to do it.

No doubt, I will end up getting BabySis to help me while at the lake, as my family looks on and razzes me with comments about looking like a walking head wound (it’s red). Fun!!

But hey! Cupcakes! Coconut cupcakes with key lime filling and coconut-lime buttercream frosting! That’s bound to be worth it all, right?

I still have to make a list so I don’t forget things like the dominoes – so we can play Chicken Foot @ 2:00 a.m. – and the Imagine If game. If you haven’t played this game, by the way, you ought to try it. It’s hilarious.

Did I mention that we also have High School orientation on Thursday night, because Shaggy is now THAT OLD?! I am so freaked out to have a freshman in High School. Just the other day he was getting up at 4 in the morning to play in the fridge – experimenting with how well chocolate syrup, an entire gallon of milk, apple juice, and Kool-Aid powder mix together with brand new carpet fibers. Now his voice is changing, he has peach fuzz on his upper lip, and he’s starting High School. *sob*

Just when the hell did all this growing up happen anyway?!

Also – Thursday is Wahoo’s birthday. She is my best friend and I will not forget this year. I will not forget. I will not forget. (please God, don’t let me forget)

Wednesday, Doodlebug had a doctor’s appointment but I took pity on myself and rescheduled it for the day before school starts – also the day his orientation night is (because nothing says start school on the right foot better than a jacked up sugar high the night before!).

Next week, I need to set up another one for Shaggy, who needs a physical for soccer/baseball and a tetanus shot.

I also still need to get school supplies – although I really, really think I bought Doodlebug’s at the end of last year. I can’t remember! And I can’t find a receipt.

The rest of the month will invariably be spent filling out forms, forms, and more forms.

Can it just be September already??
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