Figured since I couldn't sleep, I might as well serve up Friday's Feast for breakfast.

What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Ben & Jerry’s One Sweet Whirled – except I can’t find it anymore. Very depressing. Why, oh why did they take my ice cream away? So… now I don’t eat ice cream but maybe a few times a year. Usually coffee flavored. Or Amaretto. I really ought to quit whining about it and make my own. Now there’s an idea.

What are 3 things you would like to put in a time capsule?

Hmmm, this one is a little difficult. If I was published, I’d say a copy of my book (or one of them. Hey… it’s not called Cynical Optimism for nothing!). But. Since, I’m not yet published…

A written list of 100 things about me. For posterity, ya know? I’m sure the person finding it would get a kick out it.

My chicken tortilla soup recipe. May it live on and prosper. Course, with my luck, it’d be found after chickens became extinct due to bird flu. Heh.

A CD of all my favorite music.

Silly stuff, really.

Name something you are 100% sure of.

Umm, wow. Who’s 100% sure of anything?? Course, now that I wrote that, I can think of a few things. [laughing]

I’m 100% sure that I’m loved.

I’m 100% sure that my spawnlings will probably need therapy. Heh. Kidding!

I’m 100% sure I allow myself to be occasionally taken for granted. Probably shouldn’t do that.

I’m 100% sure that somewhere inside of me is a little more effort I could put forth towards the things I want to accomplish.

Main Course
What is something you do to calm yourself when you’re stressed or upset?

All of my favorite bad habits, the three Cs of calm: coffee, cigarette, and chocolate.

If you could receive an invitation to any important event, what would you like it to be?

Ya know, I just don’t care much about invitations or events. I can’t really think of one where I’d just Have-To-Be-There. Now, if Matthew McConaughey wanted to invite me to be his date for the Academy Awards, I certainly wouldn’t hem and haw about saying yes. I’d be really cool and say, “I guess I could do that.” Then, I’d hang up the phone (or close the door) and scream like my pants were on fire.

Now, SERIOUSLY, who could say no to him?? Other than that… meh. No invitations to important events needed.

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