March is a Bust!

I tried really hard to stay optimistic but… I’m throwing the towel in on March. I’m done. There are 10 days left this shockingly difficult month and the tally, so far:

  • Cases of the Flu Plague: 4
  • Cases of the Dreaded Pink Eye: 2
  • # of Cooties In My House: More than I can handle
  • Dental Visits: 3 (with 1 more next week)
  • Doctor Visits: 2 (with 1 more tomorrow)
  • # of Drugs Taken: 1 box Day-Quil, 1 box Ny-Quil, 1 bottle Vicks 44D, 65 Antibiotics, 44 Advil, and 23 Really Nice Pills (and that’s just ME)
  • # of Times I said, “Please, just shoot me.”: more than 5
  • # of Times I Threatened to Leave Home if One More Person got Sick: 8
  • Sick Days Used: 2 (thank goodness for working from home)
  • Hours Spent Watching Bravo: 10
  • Hours I Wish I Had Back: 10
  • Places Visited with the Spawnlings for Spring Break: 0
  • Words Written on my WIP: a paltry 4,920
I think I saw, somewhere... at some point this month... that Mercury is/was/will be in Retrograde? Good Lordy, Cosmos! Get your planets in order already!

In other news -- have you Seen how many entries there are this month for Blogging 4 Books? My competitive nature is certainly getting a kick in the pants but, Oh! How I love to see all those entries. I heart B4B. (pointing this out to Mr. Clean. See? I am easy to please!)
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  1. Dancinfairy Says:

    I hope that all of those drugs made you feel better!