Hi, my name is Dragonfly and I'm a blogging failure.

Okay, so maybe that's a little harsh on myself. It's not that I FORGET to blog. I've actually pulled the blog screen up almost every day for the past two weeks... but then I get distracted by something shiny. Or possibly aliens have taken over my brain via HULU. <---- it's that one.

Dude. Hulu ROCKS! I am on the third season of Sliders right now and it makes working from home VERY COMFY. Just sayin'. My brain is the pink mush.

The other thing keeping me from the blog is my new boyfriend. His name is New House and we are already having relationship issues. I have discovered that being in a relationship with New House means I have soooooo many decisions to make and....

Have I told you how indecisive I can be?????

I have spent weeks and weeks on picking out lights and doorknobs and flooring and paint colors... and I'm kinda not having too much fun with New House any longer. Especially when Mr. Husband gets involved. He tends to conveniently forget conversations we've had about New House -- I've noticed these are usually involving decisions he doesn't necessarily agree with but thought it probably better not to disagree at the time... Thus he just forgets he agreed to something. Very passive-aggressive.

New House is not good for marriage. Really.

We will be signing a contract with the builder in the next week or so and then heading out to get the loan. I imagine there is umpteen deep dark VATS of stress being Fed-Ex'd my way right now. Anyone have a fairy wand to turn them into bubbly pink vats of giggle? I'd much prefer the giggle.

Other than that, things are just keepin' on. Our annual family reunion is next weekend and I have NEVER been so ready for late night Spoons playing and laughter out the wazoo. C-Boy and his kiddo are joining us this year so we are REALLY going to have a full house. The drinks of the year will be Pomegranite Margaritas and Mojitos. YUM. I have feeling the entire weekend is going to be a hangover if I'm not careful with those!

I will definitely report back on all the fun and games as we were told, "there are to be GAMES... as in "bring an extra pair of clothes for the games we are planning this year --- stuff to get us off our butts and bring on an appetite." This is all I know. No other hints. My ankles are saying, "Ummm... more hints please? Do we need to be wrapped?"

Well I am off. There are two very sweaty, VERY tan, sexy men hanging out on my father-in-law's roof and I mean to get in some eye candy before I start my afternoon!! Yes, I am shallow... but if I posted pictures you would TOTALLY understand.

2 Responses
  1. katkin Says:

    I DO understand.*snicker* Um,I'm in the same place you are with house building! Just a few weeks behind 'cause we will be just starting the detail discussions. Not looking forward to all the stress, but DEFINATELY looking forward to the new house (assuming the bank likes me)as mine now is old and crappy and falling down. Good luck with yours and you and the hubs hang in there.

  2. Bubbles Says:

    Yes, your ankles would benefit from being wrapped.