I realllllly need a change in scenery here. And since I can't hop in the truck and drive off to... I don't know... wherever, I'm eyeballing my wall of sticky notes. The stickies have somehow reproduced like rabbits and I can't even read what half of them say. I feel like they're mocking me every day I sit here and don't write.

I'm officially declaring today as The Day of Sticky Note Death.

(30 minutes later) Who knew it'd be this hard to go from writing that to actually REMOVING them?? Lordy. I'm having a hard time getting started. *sigh* Here goes nothing...


Whew!! Once I finally got started (and Mr. Clean FINALLY stopped laughing and texting all our friends to say: "OMG, She's taking down the sticky notes! I think she's SICK or something!! Maybe she's lost her MIND!") it didn't take HALF as long as I thought it would and I tossed 3/4 of what I took down. The rest are in little bags, labeled: Plot, Advice, Music, Books, and Quotes. I might have taken them down but geeez... I couldn't toss them all!


The GOOD news (besides a nice lift of my shoulders) is that I found something deep, deep in the recesses of sticky note shadowland, which I had been looking for! Yay.

I can't believe the difference in look. It's blank. And empty. And....

I SO have a brand new package of sticky notes sitting RIGHT HERE next to me. Tra-la-la-la! Yes, I am a sick, sick individual with a sticky note OCD complex.

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2 Responses
  1. Dancinfairy Says:

    WOW. That is a lot of sticky notes. Well done though, you must feel lighter and more focused after that clear out. I am curious what those 4 in front say though!

  2. Dragonfly Says:

    1) a work reminder
    2) another work reminder
    3) new neighbor's email addy
    4) an Emeril meal on Food TV, which I want to cook when I have time.

    The rest on the back wall are either work related or username reminders for Doodlebug's fun-sites.

    I don't know if I feel lighter. I feel... blank. Empty. Not yet focused but it'll come! (I hope)