... didn't blow.

Dear Mr. Newscaster -

Last night, I watched your show and listened to your every word. You said Big Wind, Big Rain. Because of you, I tramped all around my house last night - at MIDNIGHT - and removed all of my fifty-bajillion wind chimes. I flipped over my patio furniture, you know, so it wouldn't blow away. I even took pains to protect some of my plants.

This morning, I let a large, wet PUPPY into my house. Wet, not because of rain, but because he decided to get a head start and play in his water bowl (and yeah, that's neither here nor there, except I let him in, in anticipation of him getting MORE wet by all that wind/rain you talked about).

Lo and behold, however... I have YET to see any wind. Okay, I'll give you rain but BIG rain? Unless you really MEANT to say steady-to-drizzle-to-steady-to-drizzle rain... all day long... I'm calling Bullshit.

While I'm at it... I'm calling the whole Eduardo being a tropical storm, bullshit. When the news increases from 30 minutes to 1 hour, the expectation is that we'll see something along the lines of Allison. THAT was a tropical storm worthy of news, worthy of the words, "Big Wind, Big Rain". Eduardo? Serious. Disappointment.

I'm off now to go put ALL my damn wind chimes BACK up. Thanks, Mr. Newscaster. Thanks a bunch.


Annoyed (but pleasantly happy about the drought relief)
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