Hey y'all! Yes, it's really me. Please excuse all the dirt. Digging one's self out from beneath a rock is hard, dirty work. But I did it! I'm not promising that I'm staying out for an extended period of time, though, because see? There are a LOT of things on my plate right now and since I've always suffered from the eyes-bigger-than-stomach syndrome, I thought I might add a few more. You know, to find out just how bat-shit crazy I can make myself! Nothing like finding one's limits.

In the effort of not crossing those limits quite so soon after having announced them, I'm going to give you guys a list. It's how my thought process is working these days. I'm saving up all my formed, coherent sentences for something special (which I'll mention here in a minute).

So here we go... the spasmodic ramblings of moi:

~ My youngest spawn just approached me to request (and I quote) "Hazard Pay," for having fed my horse this morning. Apparently, she escaped the paddock while he was re-attaching her feed bucket to the fence and -- according to him -- since she bucked like a maniac while out and made his heart beat faster, AND since she is WAY bigger than him... he deserves some extra money for managing to get her back in.

~ That was the 2nd thing he said to me this morning. The 1st was "Who in the heck in this house thought that it was okay to eat one of MY mini cheeseburgers? And they stole my fries too!" I replied, "Yes, good morning to you also," and then pretended I was too sleep-addled to answer. Because, as so it happens, I am the culprit. What? It was midnight. I was hungry. They were GOOD mini cheeseburgers. I left 2 of the 3 he had. Oh, and just for the record? I did not eat his fries. Okay, well two of them, but not ALL of them.

~ This past week has been my week of hell meetings at work. I had to add two days worth of meetings (6 total) because our employee population has grown so much since last year. I did NOT bake cupcakes for them this year. I am crazy but I am not stupid. Some of them were upset. I laughed maniacally and said, "Tough."

~ My eldest spawnling - Shaggy - just called to inform us that he's back from a 4-day sailing regatta and needs to be picked up. It kinda burns my ass that his fifteen-year-old majesty just expects us to drop everything and drive two hours to pick him up.... 8 HOURS EARLIER THAN EXPECTED. Mr. Clean just left. I excused myself because I have to work.

~ I have put in more overtime this past week (and this weekend) than I have in the past YEAR. While this means I'll have some extra to throw about for Christmas... I am Not. Happy.

~ In light of the overtime I knew I'd have and that I still have over the next couple of weeks.... I signed up for NaNoWriMo this year.

~ Signing up was my last ditch effort to write this book... because it is still only in the-scenes-are-blocked stage. I did start writing the beginning but then killed two blocked scenes, replaced them with one, and then went shopping. I figure it was better than eating an entire bag of candy bars.

~ I have been wearing the wrong-sized bra for the past year. You'd think after having so many wires pop out of the stitching on the side, I'd have figured that out... but it didn't occur to me. Instead I've been blaming Mr. Clean for doing bad things to them in the laundry. I am now his slave for the next month. Who knew one cup size could do so much damage?

~ I am not thrilled to have moved up a cup size in my bra. And I am convinced that the small bit of extra Mr. Clean has shaved off over the last few months has magically adhered itself to my breasts. Dammit. But at least it was not adhered to my ass. There's that.

~ We recently decided that due to a number of factors (outlandish gas prices being one of them) we will not be traveling to Georgia this year for our annual Thanksgiving get-together with my lovely warped big-hearted family. Course, a majority of the family is also not going.

~ Instead, we will be breaking bread with my other family... whom we have not had Thanksgiving with in seven years. There are reasons for that. But because I'm overrun with optimism, I keep trying with these folks. Either that or I'm just a masochist. Mr. Clean thinks it's the latter.

~ I have officially become a MySpace addict. This, in part, is why I have not blogged in so long. Who knew there were so many people from way-back-when on there??

~ I am not blog-cheating on y'all over there. I promise. I have no interest in blogging on MySpace.

~ I just re-connected with a cousin whom I have not seen in 17 years. The last time I saw him, he was staying at my house and I convinced him to sneak out with me in order to attend a party with my boyfriend. That boyfriend was Mr. Clean.

~ Mr. Clean drove a Camaro that was so loud, he had to park down the street and I had to walk two blocks to meet him.

~ There were no actual "blocks" in my neighborhood... it was one of those where everyone had acreage and horses. It was still a long walk -- when it's midnight and you're sneaking out.

~ I have no clue how I lost communication with that cousin. It's weird. Then again, it goes back to the family we don't spend holidays with... so possibly not that weird.

~ I recently overheard my eldest on the phone telling "his girlfriend" that he LOVED HER. A piece of my heart shriveled in my chest. I now find myself wanting to passively-aggressively tease him about it. Holding my tongue might require toothpicks and a piece of cork board. I DO recognize that this is what happens at some point. I DO recognize that I did the same thing at his age. It does not make it more pleasant... by any means. It makes me crazy.

~ Shaggy's girlfriend is a sweet girl.... who is not allowed to date. She has been grounded twice for meeting Shaggy (and us, his parents) at the movies and for meeting him (plus me and BabySis) at the mall. I'm not thrilled that he's "dating" (you can't even call it that, really) someone who has twice lied to her parents. That makes me a big, fat hypocrite.

~ I am happier than a pig in mud that I'll have a six year reprieve before going through this crap with Doodlebug.

~ I must, must, must find my way back to the gym. Because I'm still really not happy about that extra cup size in my bra. Irregardless of how Mr. Clean feels about it.

~ This is beginning to be a fairly long list.

~ I must now clear my nasal passages of two weeks worth of sick in order to record phone messages for my office -- because they like my voice. It still creeps me out to call my office and hear myself telling myself to press 1 to get to the employee menu. I have put this off for a while now (because of said sickness making me sound like an ailing cow) but have run out of time.

~ There is something in my office that is causing me to sneeze every 10 seconds until I cannot see or breathe properly. I have looked. I have cleaned. I have Febreezed. I still cannot find the culprit. I think possibly, I may be allergic to my office space. I wonder if that makes me eligible for my own Hazard Pay??

~ It has just occurred to me that I signed up for NaNoWriMo... where word counts are used to gauge success... word counts generated by your word document and then, finally, by uploading to the web site for an official count at the end. I have been writing long-hand for the past three months. Where's The Fruitbat?!

~ I am scared that going back to typing on the laptop is going to kill my creativity. And my fingers. And the Q button that continually pops off these days due to my pinky fingernail.

~ I just took a moment away from typing this blog to jump up and down and drop a few F-Bombs.

~ They seem to have cleared my sinus issue so now I'm going to go pretend to be Suzie - Queen of Sweetness and Light and record those messages. For more overtime. That I don't want.

~ I'm going to try and blog more often... but it may be lists like this for a while.

~ Because I don't seem to know what to do with myself these days.

~ And that's only if I survive November and NaNoWriMo.
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3 Responses
  1. BabySis Says:

    Are you throwing yourself a pity party yet? Love you sis!

  2. Dancinfairy Says:

    Lists are great. It is so nice to hear what is going on in your world again.

    I am both excited and scared of Nano this year. I am completely flying by the seat of my pants - all I have is an idea and a post it note with a mini bio of my main character.

    Oh well it will be fun!

  3. Katkin Says:

    Good to hear from you again! Sounds like you needed to let off some steam. And that's just fine. We don't mind listening. Funny how life manages to cut in on what we want to do. Heh. Good luck with Nano!! (And the whole young love thing. Fun that.)