Wow, I've really let the blogging get away from me this summer. I have no excuses... it's just much more difficult to get here these days. But the rattling death cough of summer is coming soon, I can feel it. Or possibly that's heat exhaustion talking. It was 101 yesterday with a heat index of 108; in other words: HELL ON EARTH. The silver lining? School starts in two weeks, something for which I'm largely grateful.

Unfortunately, that means I have only two weeks to undo all of the grossly self-destructive habits I've formed this summer - namely, going to bed between 3 and 4 in the morning. This. Has. To. Stop. Already. It's killing me. And I don't even have a good excuse for staying up until the wee hours. I'm not writing at 3 in the morning. Hell, I'm not even writing at 1 in the morning. I'm being sucked into the black hole of Bubble Shooter, Web Sudoku, and Chicktionary. Oh and MySpace and YouTube and good lord in heaven, take away my internet!!

New bedtimes were handed out last night, myself included. Not one person's head hit the pillow at their proposed time, except Mr. Clean. Tonight is going to be different. Tonight, the computer is being SHUT DOWN before 10pm so there's no question of getting on it as I pass through the office on my way to bed.

See? There's the problem. As I'm stumbling towards my bedroom, I see the monitor in my office, it's cool blue glow shining like a beacon.... and I get distracted. And hypnotized. I think, "Just one game of Sudoku; it won't hurt." Of course, that cool blue glow is akin to the sharp-toothed monster on Finding Nemo and one game turns into a manic scramble to beat-ALL-the-puzzles-or-it-will-kill-me and when I finally blink my eyes, it's 3 o'clock in the morning. Bah. Never more!

Change is on its way. Early to bed, early to rise (not TOO early, mind... it's me we're talking about here). Breakfast - that's an interesting concept, definitely have to start trying that breakfast thing. An afternoon break to slog my way to wall-ville on the treadmill. Yes, it's still here, still facing a wall - which is SO interesting to stare at while you sweat, let me tell ya. I expect Mr. Clean believes I'm going to take care of it's exit from the house whereas I tend to believe he's going to handle it. Gah! It's just a difficult thing to get rid of because it's in great condition and was expensive... and I don't want to lose my ass, financially, in the rush to get it gone.

I am also trying to convince Mr. Clean that more books would equal a swifter bedtime. He's not falling for it. Yet. Give me time.

The writing: I'm still working on cleaning up the Scene outline. I've been procrastinating something AWFUL and I don't know why. I really, really, really am dying to get to the writing part! But I realize, from past mistakes, I have to pull myself through the outlining parts first. Blech. And then I need to look it all over once more because I think I give up the ghost a little early, so a change needs to be made before I start the real writing. My brain is screaming, "Get on it already!" but then that thing called Life interrupts and there's a child who really wants to cuddle and one who's dying to for some batting practice and there's not enough hours in the day for everything. (and can I add one more "and"?)

So, for now.. it's just me rambling on a bit. I'm hopeful that more recipes will be coming soon. Still no cupcakes around here. It's been cookie month for some reason. Once I rearrange my schedule and get it somewhat ingrained in my being... I think the blogging will pick up again. I hope! Don't give up on me yet. *grin*
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