Twice now in the past week I've woken up with a Debbie Gibson song in my head, an earworm extraordinaire (in that it simply will Not Go Away). I have to admit, waking up with that in your head is downright disconcerting. And it makes me wonder...

Was there some scraggly-haired prevert in my house, looking down on me, softly singing "I Think We're Alone Now," while I slept - dead to the world and oblivious to his presence?? Did I wake up just in time?

Is my psychotic cat taunting me by showing off that she really does fully understand everything I say to her... and indeed can speak? And sing? Debbie Gibson songs?

Or was my youngest spawnling up to his neck in nefarious deeds, while spouting 80's pop music??

I'll tell ya, none of those options appeals to me. Worst yet, the whole thing reminds me of something my sister, GypsyRose, used to do when we were younger. Every week or so (for a couple of YEARS), I would wake in the middle of the night to find GypsyRose standing next to my bed, staring at me, her eyes completely devoid of life.

She would just stand there, staring; didn't even flinch as I screamed bloody murder (though I could always hear my parents fall out of bed downstairs). I was convinced she was performing creepy Gypsy curses on me. Then I wondered if she was a vampire, come to suck all the blood from my body. Or possibly, she had a butcher knife hidden behind her back. I wore a cross necklace to bed for a long, long time.

One night, instead of screaming, I told her, "Get away from me! Go back to bed." Damned if she didn't turn right around and do just that. The little sleepwalking freak. (I love you GypsyRose, but back then... you were freaky.)

Thankfully, she outgrew her nightly visits (except for the occasional few here and there). I'll admit, though... every time we've gone on vacation where it's just the two of us, I still have an insane urge to lock the doors between us (if we're in separate rooms) or sleep with a wooden stake.

So. Waking up with the idea that someone was gleefully singing about being alone with me while I slept has made me a little jumpy this week. And scattered. And I can't get this freaking song out of my head! Mr. Clean thinks I just need to get more sleep. He's a firm believer that going to bed at 3-4am plainly jacks with my brain. I don't know. It's not like I've OPTED to stay up that late.

I have, however, progressed nicely through my brainstorming and synopsis writing. Not too much added to the synopsis itself BUT I have detailed scribblings on:
  • Government shadow organizations, involved in home-grown terrorism
  • Gene Therapy and DNA modification
  • Human experimentation
  • Psychokinesis (telekinesis, pyrokinesis, ESP, etc.)
  • Boarding schools
  • Peter Pan, Wendy, and the Lost Boys

Heh... bet that last one threw you for a loop. *grin*

As you can see, I've been up to my eyeballs in research this past week. I think I may have enough now to continue with the synopsis. I have one minor character I need to slash/burn from it... someone who became redundant. Then, I need to re-think my characters' path of travel (because, oh yes, they will be traveling A LOT). I have the ending in mind but I still need to settle on a "showdown" for the climax and I need to note the main turning points for my main character (Zoey). Also, I have a tiny bit more research to do, on twins... but I might just call my bff, Wahoo, for that one. She has twin girls and can probably give me a little insight there. Or they can.

It's moving. Not quite turtle-speed and definitely not hare-speed but at a good solid pace I can deal with. And I'm not rushing it.

Speaking of animals.... did you see the news story about a squirrel who went on a rampage in Germany? Ummm, yeah... can you say RABIES? I can't believe no one has mentioned the possibility in these articles. (I'm too lazy just now to link to it but it's in Yahoo News > Oddly Enough).

Okay. Have to run now. It's Grilled Italian Chicken Salad night. YUM! Have a great weekend!!

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2 Responses
  1. katkin Says:

    The (writing, synopsis, idea, book) sounds very interesting! Like something I'd enjoy.
    And gee thanks.........now Debbie Gibson won't go away..... Awhile back I realized I was whistling the Smurfs themesong and it stuck around for several weeks. Urgh!

  2. dragonfly Says:

    If it helps... she's still in my head. Even your Smurf mention didn't fix it. In my experience, the only way to truly remove an earworm is to listen to the song in question fully. Except I'm not about to go on a Debbie Gibson binge. Uh uhh, no way.

    The synopsis -- it's going to be YA and I've not gotten any further on it yet, but have done lots of daydreaming (always a good thing!).