I am so very far behind on the WordPlay alphabet, I had to go back and see where I'd left off. Pitiful sad. And I have no real excuse but that life is standing in front of my blog, arms spread akimbo, while singing, "Nah Nah Nah na Nah Nah!!"

So... K? This is going to hurt a bit, I think...

K is for...

Key - the key to opening my plot, which I'm still fighting with (though it's toned down to just an argument now); and the key to my front door, which I don't have so I keep having to lock the front from the inside, go out the back, and run around to the front when I leave.

Kinky - I like this word. Period.

Keg - The last time I saw one of these was a few years back when we had a Grill & Chill party. We floated two of them. I didn't drink a single drop of either. I can't stand beer. I think it's kind of like your favorite vegetable as a child... you eat and eat and eat it but then, when you grow up, you find you can't stand to even look at the stuff. The only beer I'll drink now is Corona with lime and only one or two.

Kenny - the last name of a previous boyfriend, who was tall, dark, and handsome in a goofy 7th grade type of way. He took me to the Valentine's dance. I wore a white silk dress with big hot pink splashes of color across it, and very big padded shoulders. What? It was the 80's! He had sloppy wet kisses, but I thought he was the sweetest guy on earth so I forgave him for it. And then he dumped me. So, now, when I see "Kenny" I think of Kenny Chesney singing 'Summertime'. I think of that A LOT... probably because it's the ringtone on my phone.

And who came up with that whole idea anyhow?? It's like sticking a permanent earworm in your head.... and just when you think you've gotten rid of that darn song playing over and over and over in your brain.... the phone rings again!

Krispy Kreme - I am a freak. I do not like their doughnuts. At. All. In fact, when I'm in the grocery and I pass their little boxes of fried dough... I feel nauseous. I like doughnuts, though! Maybe a few times a year, I'll send Mr. Clean out on a weekend morning to pick up some from Shipley's. My favorite is the Cinnamon Twist.

King Kong - When she was about three and did not talk much, my middle younger sister - Pixie - used to go around the house stomping on imaginary little people, throw imaginary cars, tear other imaginary little people in half and stuff them in her mouth, and then would beat on her chest. We were all STUPIFIED by this behavior. Me? I thought she'd completely lost her marbles and perhaps someone really had dropped her on her head, or she was the female version of Damien, from The Omen.

I think it was my Mom who finally figured out she was playing a freakish game of Charades with us all, re-enacting the 1976 version of King Kong... which she must have seen on TV when she shouldn't have. My Mom still tells this story to people any time she sees a Gorilla.

Knight - I never wished for a knight in shining armor. I thought perhaps it'd be difficult to hug someone like that; all that metal. I did, however, love love love watching the movie Excaliber as a teen. I crushed just a little on Lancelot... sans armor, of course. Then I crushed on Richard Gere in First Knight. And then Heath Ledger in A Knight's Tale. But I never wished for a knight in shining armor!! Really. Umm, okay... next word...

Kerfluffle - I just like the sound of this one. I also like Kerplunk.

Kiss - who doesn't like this one? I especially like the kind that start out teasing... lips almost touching but then not, then almost jusssssst, but not. Then, a tiny touch, only enough to set off sparks but back away again... not far... eyes searching, begging and then the crush of lips that can't wait a second longer. *shiver* Yum.

Knife - This one makes me think of one word: Wusthof. Mr. Clean bought me three Wusthof knives for Christmas. Slowly, but surely, I'll finish the set out within the next year. Expensive little boogers but Oh So Worth It.

Knee - the hardest part on a leg to shave... or so they say. I've never had a problem with it. Of course, that'll probably jinx me into slicing myself to ribbons next time I get a razor near mine.

Keel - keel over... something my Daddy thinks is fun while in his sailboat, keeling at 45 degrees, which is well past close enough to stick your entire arm in the water as you churn through it. While on dry land, I'd agree that it's fun. While in the sailboat, doing it... meh, not always as much fun in the moment.

Knit - I don't... but I do crochet. Knitting is intimidating to me for some reason, probably because it involves two needles instead of just one. I have a hard enough time concentrating and counting stitches on one.

Knob - makes me think of a favorite movie: Bedknobs and Broomsticks. I So Badly wanted to be a witch when I was little. The mere idea of traveling to far-away places in the comfort of my bed made me beg my parents for a brass one with big knobs on the ends... just so I could try. They never would buy one for me. The only brass bed I ever slept in... well, that's another story entirely. Heh. Sufficed to say, I was much older by then and my mind was not on traveling to anywhere but the land of O. And then the bed broke.

Knock - Knock on wood: I still do so. Knock-down-drag-out: Love, love, love this expression.

I think that's about it for today. Honestly, folks, as much as I hate that I'm not blogging daily or even every couple of days, it's because I have nothing to say - or at least nothing interesting or humorous or even slightly entertaining (unless of course you want to hear about... nope, I'm drawing a blank on even the boring day-to-day stuff). Right now, any creativity I have flowing is surging straight into figuring out this plot, so I can then extract a few people from the crowd in my brain and put them to work. Otherwise, I start to feel instensely schizophrenic. And that's not good.

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