NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month - kicked off this morning at 12:00 a.m. sharp. I am so on top of it this year. I am SO all over it, I already have... wait, it has to be words written?? Ummm, okay. I have nothing. ZERO. See that little icon thingy on the left over there? Yeah. It's not supposed to be blank still.

November is the month you'll find me wishing I didn't have a day job. I also wish I hadn't stayed up so late last night watching live ghost hunting in the vaults beneath Edinburgh, Scotland. While I'm at it, I wish I hadn't eaten so much of my spawnlings' candy. Shhh... don't tell. There actually IS such thing as too much chocolate. I'm paying for it today.

But last night, while everyone else was getting jacked up on sugar and caffeine and sitting impatiently before their keyboards, counting down the hours until NaNo went live... I was supervising the production of this:

Scary, isn't he? My very own Buccaneer Bones!

You'll notice I said "supervising" a moment ago. That's because I was still working well past the deadline of getting it together for trick-or-treating and didn't have two seconds to handle costume assistance. Thank goodness for Baby Sisters who:

~ take pity on your lunchtime starvation (due to the males in the household eating every scrap of food that might have been useful, leaving you with only cheese and maraschino cherries) and bring you FOOD. On their day off.

~ take over the painting of squirming spawnling faces while acting like my dramatic moments of going batshit crazy over a slow connection to work were perfectly normal. Her patience knows no bounds. Kinda like the make-up itself. I'm still finding it in places it shouldn't have reached (on the underside of my kitchen table?!).

She did a great job and I totally owe her a few bucks for the tacos! Thanks BabySis!

I don't have a pic of Shaggy. Sad, as this was probably his last year to dress up for Halloween. He went as an Abercrombie Model turned Werewolf - complete with fashionable hoodie. Indeed, the only time I actually saw him the entire night was when he leapt out of the woods at me, his werewolf mask dripping with "blood". I totally peed my pants - much to his enjoyment.

Well, that's all I have today. Tonight will be entertaining to be sure - what with writing 2,000 words, watching Lost and Jericho, putting up groceries, and cooking dinner. I'll take this moment to add one more wish to my list -- to have a few extra sets of arms like one of those Hindu goddesses. Bet their houses always ran smoothly.

(p.s. Yes, that is a real photo. I had to photoshop the background because... well... I hadn't vacuumed and the spawnlings had tracked hay into my office. *sigh*)

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4 Responses
  1. Dancinfairy Says:

    I am convinced you are superwoman so this should be a breeze!

    Great picture, I am amazed at how big halloween is over there, it is nowhere near the same here.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    hey.. did you forget to add that when Shaggy came howling out of the woods he busted butt in the ditch..a truely graceful teen wolf he was. LOL

  3. Deb R Says:

    Love the photo!!

    I think November is a wicked hard month to have NaNoWriMo.

  4. dragonfly Says:

    Fairy -- please send me some of that conviction. I still have nothing... but the ideas are blooming in my brain! I have a feeling this weekend will be writing insanity!

    BabySis (I know it's you) - I purposefully left that out b/c after sending all those pics to the family yesterday, I'm in the doghouse. He wouldn't want me to spread it about that he busted his butt. And still, he DID manage to scare the crap out of me (though yeah, I peed my pants laughing rather than crying).

    DebR - You are so RIGHT. Thanksgiving! Renaissance Faire! Miniature Golf weekend! And I'm supposed to pull 50k words out my brain TOO? Just goes to show how ill all that baking made me. Heh.