I have received more hits on my blog this week from people searching out “Bufumufu” than from the Blogging for Books link on The Zero Boss. Y’all really want to know what Bufumufu means, don’t ya?

Well, you’re not going to find it by looking it up on the web. I can tell you that much. I’ve looked.

But at least I know I’m not the only one fully hooked on these guys. And, I’m convinced I NEED to pass the hooky bufumufu addiction on to everyone I know. Because I do not want to be alone in my addiction affliction. I want to call someone and say, “Hey. Did you see that new bufumufu video?” and not have them say, “Bufumufu? What the hell is that?”

So. In a recent IM with BabySis, I set out to spread the love:
BabySis: I just got a shipment in with my photo stuff
BabySis: paper… chems… etc.
BabySis: I am swimming in foamy thingys
Me: Cool. We can have a photo weekend.
Me: <--- changing subject! Bufumufu is cool. Great videos. And they’re all hot (not that that matters but, you know).

BabySis: Bufumufu? You. Crazy.
Me: I’m not crazy. Check this one out. It’s the first one I saw. You’ll see. It’ll grab you in and then you’ll be hooked too.
60% of the time, “EVERYTIME”
Me: and then this one….
Dance Monday
Me: and this one…
The Legendary Coach Jim does soccer/football
Me: and this one!
Soccer Practice: bufumufu style
BabySis: okay! Okay! Stop with the links!
BabySis (after being gone for a bit, watching): Umm… with some of this stuff, I’m wondering if these guys are just a little gay?
Me: they’re BROTHERS
BabySis: Oh. That explains a lot.
BabySis: Like us, then...
BabySis: interesting... but I think I have been sucked into it all b/c of you
Me: Got you! Got you! See! It's addictive
BabySis: where do these guys live??
Me: I think Taiwan….
BabySis: wanna take a trip?
Me: Sure. Why not? We could always grab GypsyRose and Pixie and then take our Sister Trip there instead of…
Me: Did we ever DECIDE on where to go anyway?? Or are we still arguing about it??
BabySis: Still Arguing.

One down… lots more hooky love to spread. Seriously, though. Beyond the fact that these guys are REALLY nice on the eyes, they have something lacking in the world today:

No, really.

And all of you searching the web for “What is bufumufu”?? You’re not going to find the answer here. Or at least not a definitive one. Right now, the guys are doing a bit of a contest in conjunction with
Mondonation. It all seems to have started with this video: Got Belief? And then, they posted the contest vid: What is BUFUMUFU?: T-Shirt Contest.

Even if you don’t go check out the guys on You Tube. Check out Mondonation. It’s great. It’s for a good cause. They have awesome t-shirts. Shaggy saw the Got Belief video and it touched something in his testosterone-poisoned teenager “I don’t care” soul. He wants a t-shirt now and is thinking about what he believes. I think mine will say, “I believe… that a little love goes a long way.”

And what do I think Bufumufu is? I think it’s a lot of things. I think it’s personal to each of us. For me, it’s:

~ having beliefs and sticking to them – not because they’re popular but because they’re yours;
~ refusing to accept boredom;
~ not being afraid to look a little stupid sometimes;
~ not quitting;
~ taking the “every day” and making it your own;
~ being brave enough to try something (anything) new;
~ and, I think it’s family – maybe not always the one you’re born with but the one you surround yourself with.

Go. Look. Come back and tell me if you’re hooked. Tell them too!

Oh... and GypsyRose and Pixie -- If y'all are reading. Taiwan for the sister trip? Did you see those beaches?! I think it meets the "None of us have been there" qualification, right? Pixie, if you come back and say you've been there (as one of the other fifty bajillion places you and Z have gone), I'm going to sit on you and fart, next chance I get.
3 Responses
  1. Bimbo Says:

    May I make a suggestion? Phuket, Thailand. GO. Tropical paradise, the USD to baht ratio makes us very, very rich girls -i.e. meal for two with the worksm, apps, wine, dessert $35. Plenty to do and see, like stepping through Alice's looking glass.

  2. dragonfly Says:

    Well that certainly sounds sweet! I think my sister, Pixie, has been to Thailand though... which rules it out for the sister trip. I'm looking into it anyhow. Thanks for the tip!!

  3. Dancinfairy Says:

    Aggghhh you just stole a hour of my life. So far due to internet restrictions of work I have not been sucked into the utube. Now I am.

    Laughed myself silly at the one entitled Best Ever Tuesday. Those guys are genius!