Words Written: 1,050 on Saturday
Song on the iPod: nothing at the moment. I'm afraid to put the ear buds in.

The Pretty pills aren't working. Okay, that's not entirely true. They do relieve the excruciating pain radiating out of my jaw. They also knock my butt out cold.

BUT. It's been three days and my ear-jaw-face is still screaming.

I followed the rules! Mostly. I didn't talk excessively, except for that one 25-minute phone call with Doodlebug's friend's Mom. It was worth it. I think I may have a new friend, who lives less than a mile from my house, even. We have plans to start walking together in the evenings (as soon as this TX heat gives in to Mother Nature and Goes. Away.).

I didn't CHEW anything... except for that tiny, tiny, tiny little cheeseburger Friday night. I was HUNGRY and slurping broth wasn't doing too much for me, ya know? Okay, maybe there was a small amount of brownie in there too - but it was Soft! And Yummy!

I tried not to yawn. You try not to yawn when everyone else in the room has their mouths wide open in a gaping musical chorus.

I even slept with a stupid mouth guard in. It actually turned out to not be SO bad. And it did keep me from clenching my teeth at night. However... the packaging states, "Do not use for TMJ." Ummm, okay? I Hate it when Doctors and Pharmacists and Packaging all disagree. Who to listen to?

I don't go to the Doctor very often. As in, my last visit was three years ago. My Pharmacist, on the other hand, ROCKS. This guy has saved my butt a few times over the years. He actually came up with a new Phenergan (sic) payload delivery system for kids (and Moms) who scream bloody murder when they see a suppository. If you don't know what a suppository is, you're blessed. I hope you never find out. This new stuff Pharmacist Steve gives us; you just squeeze a little out on your forearm and rub it in. Works immediately. No more yarking. We love Pharmacist Steve.

That being said, I'm starting to think this isn't TMJ at all... The very back corner of my last molar is starting to smart a little. There's a giant wisdom tooth just beneath it, which has been left alone thus far because it's never woken up and said, "Hey, look at me!" Perhaps all my clenching was keeping that little monster rocked to sleep and now that I've stopped... the beastie has awoken with a ferocious appetite.

I'm making a dental appt. tomorrow.
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