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I’m trying to convince Mr. Clean that it’s time to buy some Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans again. And while, yes, I DO realize the current market price is $36 per pound, I have a list of justifications (because I love lists and I live to justify my quirky needs):

What other coffee can make you feel like you’re waking up to this every morning?

  • Jamaican coffee is SO smooth; it’ll cut the time it takes for me to go from Vicious-Zombie-Woman-Who-Wants-To-Eat-Your-Face-Off to Loverly-Wife-Who’d-Like-Hugs in half. In HALF!
  • You (Mr. Clean) were the one who talked about this coffee for weeks after we returned from our trip to Jamaica. YOU. And you were the one who bemoaned the fact that we did not buy more while there.
  • It has been a few years now since we went on that trip. Don’t you think it’s time to replenish the coffee jar with something worthwhile?
  • Home-baked éclairs with bourbon cherry pastry cream, chocolate ganache, and slivered almonds go best with a mild, smooth coffee…. Like, say, Jamaican! And after all the work it’ll take to make those éclairs, you wouldn’t want to ruin it with some Starbucks blend. I’m just saying.
  • I’m going to work really hard making those éclairs. Really. Hard. For You.
  • #1 Reason: You should buy it because you love me and spoil me… and you like to use that excuse in order to spoil yourself sometimes too. *grin*
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2 Responses
  1. Farm Girl Says:

    Well,u nless you are going to buy 10 lbs, it shouldn't be that big a deal. Indulge.

  2. dragonfly Says:

    1 lb wouldn't last long around here... I'm looking @ at least 5. Heh.

    But I can't find the one I like! (probably b/c I can't remember the exact estate name.. but do remember the packaging.)