I admit it. I surf the web aimlessly when I can't sleep. Tonight, I found this question meme thing, which seems interesting. It's all about BOOKS! As I am updating my booklist (gearing up for Shopping Hell Friday), I think it's only fitting to add this in tonight/this morning.

The questions for today are okay but I really like the ones from two weeks ago (because, of course, I have an interesting story to tell). Thus, I am going to do both.

Summer Reading
1. Do your reading habits change for the summer months?
Ummm, no they don't. I read like a mad bandit all year long. We all do, really. Right now, I'm between books whereas Mr. Clean is drilling into the new Terry Goodkind, while waiting on CBoy to return the last Diana Gabaldon (because I finally got him - Mr. Clean - to read them and now he's hooked!).

2. If so, how? NA


1. What is the most battered book in your collection? The one with loose pages, tattered corners, and page edges so soft that there's not even a risk of paper cuts anymore?

This answer is easy... and somewhat humorous in a strange way. The book is Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon, the second in her Outlander series.

2. Why is this book so tattered? Is it that you love it so much that you've read it a zillion times? Is it a reference book you've used every day for the last seven years? Something your new puppy teethed on when you weren't looking?

I was lucky enough to come across the first book in this series (Outlander) when it first came out... 1990, I think. I immediately began to peddle it off on anyone I could find to read it - just so I could talk about it with people I knew. When the second book came out, I had a number of friends and acquaintances hooked and, therefore, broke my golden rule about loaning books out - i.e. doing it at all. I don't usually. I'm a stickler for keeping my books in VERY good shape. SO. I loaned DiA out to a friend.

And then her house caught on fire.

She saved two things - her cat and my book. Barely. The front cover is charred with most of the fabric missing or flaking off. The edges of all the pages are blackened by soot. It has a certain campfire odor to it. Amazingly, though, it's still in good shape, considering. I do not, however, loan it out any more.

That being said - these are my most loaned out books, ever - but only to those who understand their lives are in jeopardy if they hurt them (the hardcovers. I've already gone through two sets of paperbacks). They're also the ones returned in the worst shape, even under the threat of death. I think people just get so Engrossed in the story, they forget their book manners or something. The fourth came back with what looks like spaghetti (?) stains on some of the pages. The fifth has broken free of its binding and the glue has split down the middle.

2nd place for most tattered - Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series. All of them. I re-read these often and they're another big hit in the loaner department.
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